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Six groups of people denied entry to China

Following the tightening up of China visa issues, the organizers of the Beijing Olympics issued a reminder called Legal Guide to foreigners on 2 June, saying that some groups of people are not welcome to China.

The Legal Guide targets at foreigners, but it is posted on the Chinese website of the Olympic organizers only, not on its English website. So how can the foreigners know?  Isn’t it strange??

According to the Legal Guide, entry will be denied to those:

1) having been expelled from China by the Chinese government;
2) regarded as likely to carry out terrorist and violent attacks and engage in subversive activities;
3) regarded as likely to engage in drug trafficking and prostitution;
4) with mental illness and contagious diseases such as sexually transmitted disease, leprosy and tuberculosis;
5)  who cannot afford their expenses during their stay in China;
6) regarded as likely to engage in other activities that threaten the national security and interests of China.

I have one big problem with this notice. How can China be so flagrantly discriminatory against people with mental illness and STD when the country has a large number of people with mental illness and STD, especially AIDS, who desperately need the society not to discriminate against them and need care?

You cannot rid the country of discrimination if the leadership/high ranking officials of the country are using the language of discrimination.

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4 replies on “Six groups of people denied entry to China”

You are aware that any country can deny foreigners entry without just cause. I think if you look at the list, it can be applied to any countries in the world.

So what is your point? China should be reprimanded because it does not welcome people with highly contagious disease? If I have a cold, I would rest at home so I wouldn’t spread it at work. In fact schools anywhere recommend students who have contagious diseases to stay at home and come back after the illness is gone.
You stated that China “flagrantly discriminatory against people with mental illness.” Like I’ve said, it’s called PREVENTION because SARS, tuberculosis, AND AIDS have the tendency to SPREAD and so far curing these diseases is kinda hard.

I agree with you; we should not discriminate those who have life threatening diseases such as AIDS or tuberculosis. However, in my opinion, it is not China’s responsibility to take care of those who are not well to travel when they enter China. Moreover, those diseases are extremely contagious. If I have Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), most countries in the world would deny my entry. Hypothetically, if the United States’ government (or any government) and YOU knew about the AIDS virus in the early 1980s, would YOU want the carrier to enter the United States? It’s called prevention and IMHO I think there’s nothing discriminatory about it.

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