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Street music in Wanchai

This street music series has been going on for the past three years, outside Hong Kong Arts Centre. And yet I only learnt of this recently and got to see it last night. What a great show. It features a great band “Hungry Ghosts” (indie rock), a cappella performance “Ng Yin x Holick”; guitarist and singer Ellen Loo (pop) and Elf Fatima(post rock).

My friend praised highly the band “Hungry Ghosts” whose music is simply “enjoyable”, he said. A tourist couple from Germany passed by, who were very much attracted by the voices of “Ng Yin x HOLICK”. Who are they, they asked me.

Ellen Loo was also good, at her ease and performing to her best.

Street music is not common in a metropolitan city like Hong Kong where it is extremely difficult for artists to find public space for performance and they easily become the target of complaint for creating “noise”. Yes, in this city, music is regarded by the authorities and some residents here as “noise”. That is why this street music series, supported by Hong Kong Arts Centre, and orchestrated by a local veteran musican Kung Chi Shing, is so much worth support. The popularity of the show, especially among the young, shows that Hong Kong desperately needs more of this. It gives the city some vigor and dynamics when it is being stifled by the red influence from communist China.

The street music show is on once a month. It will be the 37th show next month scheduled to take place on 23 June (Saturday) at the entrance of Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai, from 6:30pm to 9pm. Don’t miss it.

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