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The best tea house in Hangzhou

If there is anything you must do in Hangzhou, it has to be teahouse visit. In many of the teahouses here, interior decos are nice and there is snack buffet which you can have with the tea drinking.  You can sit back and while away your time drinking tea and having snacks for the whole afernoon or evening.

The one teahouse I often went to in Hangzhou is called “qing teng” (green rattan), at Hubin road, right next to Yuan Hua Shopping Mall and the West Lake. The location is undoubtedly convenient and excellent.

It is also the largest tea house in Hangzhou, with an area of thousands of square meters. It is elegantly decorated with water, bamboo, lamps and wood bridges. The furniture is wood and the waitress are all dressed in elegant Chinese style dress – not cheongshang, but the dress worn by Chinese women in the early 20 century.

You order a type of tea from a wide variety and a pot of hot water is always on a small stove next to your table so that you can always refill your cup of tea. The snack buffet is delicious, ranging from congee, nuts, fruit to chicken feet and fried noodle. The food comes in quality.

There are two sessions daily. 10am to 4pm is one session; 5pm to after midnight is another session. You can eat and drink as much as you want during the session and you are charged for 50 yuan (or more) only, depending on the type of tea you choose. For 50 yuan, you can choose good tea, like Longjing tea, so 50 yuan is really a bargain.

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