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The farm that has fresh eggs

Spreading over 148 hectares of land, and located on the northern slopes and foothill of Hong Kong’s highest mountain Tai Mo Shan, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) is a huge lush green garden as well as a farm. The farm, established in 1956 to provide agricultural aid to farmers, particularly those immigrating to Hong Kong from mainland, is now a place for promoting biodiversity and green living.At the farm, two things attract me. The fresh stuff grown in the farm and sold in the farm shop. Fresh eggs are what I most desire – this is the only place in HK where you can buy local fresh eggs laid by free range organic chickens. Otherwise, you have to buy the “manufactured” eggs from the supermarket, made in the US, Thailand or the mainland.

Each day the farm shop has stock of 30 small boxes of eggs, which are sold out right away once they hit the shelves – and each visitor is allowed to buy only one box of 6 small eggs. And I can assure you they taste so much like an egg. What a shame that the farm is so far from where I live.

the farm grows chrysanthemums and dries them in the open, which are then sold in the farm shop

In visiting the farm, you must not miss the walk all the way to the 552-metre-high Kwun Yum Shan at the upper part of the farm. It is quite a walk as it is all uphill, and at turns very steep. But once you are on the top, you can take in much of the New Territories, and even Shenzhen on a clear day, with a panoramic view extending from you. And Kwun Yum, the Buddhist Goddess of compassion quietly stands there, guarding those who have made it to the top. When I was there, nobody else was there. I had the pleasure of being in the sole company of the Goddess of Compassion, and the blue sky.

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