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The Funniest China News 2007

The internet users in China have chosen the funniest China news for 2007.  Among them are:  HuaNan Tiger saga

huanan tiger photoed by the farmer in shaanxi province
photo of Huanan Tiger claimed to be taken by the farmer

A farmer in Shaanxi Province claimed that he had taken a photo of a wild HuaNan tiger and his claim was backed up by the forestry ministry of the province. However, experts have testified that the photo was fake, with some pointing out that it is a replica of a poster featuring HuaNan tiger.

It was funny/ridiculous because, according to the internet users, what with the evidence, the ministry still refused to admit that the photo was fake, and insisted instead that there is trace of HuaNan tigers in their province, which,  if true, would be a boost to the reputation and economy of the province.

Former foreign minister Li Zhaoxing’s quote

“I had experienced starvation, so I know what human right is.”

So human right is a very straight forward and simple issue – it is all about starvation.

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Li was not talking about human rights, but animal rights.

I think the farmer could never expect that the local officals and the media would focus so hot on his “finding”. Actually, he just wanted to make some easy money. HaHa, poor guy.

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