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The legend: Chung King Mansion

Chung King Mansion is legendary. A building located at 36-44 Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, a busy tourist area, Chung King Mansion is famous for its curry restaurants, low-budget guest houses and the mingling of the Africans, South Asians and the locals doing trading.

Hong Kong has over 700 licensed guesthouses and nearly 25% of them, a whopping 160, are located in Chung King Mansion. This is a stunning figure. So if you are looking for a cheap place to stay, go to Chung King Mansion and you are almost guaranteed that your wish will be granted. Chung King Mansion has the city’s cheapest guesthouses and accommodation. And the advantage is not only its low cost but also its convenient location. Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the MTR station is just right across the road, with tourist spots such as Star Ferry pier, Hong Kong Art Museum, etc just a stone’s throw away.

I viewed a documentary about Chung King Mansion lately, which unfortunately is in Cantonese.  But if you go through it quickly, the visual can still give you a sense of what the Mansion is like and what the cheap accommodation in it is like. (And, you can use “translate” function of Youtube to help you understand! An English-speaking anthropologist speaking upfront also helps! )

“For the past ten years, I have not raised prices. It is still HK$60 per bed. I will not raise the prices either in the future,” a guesthouse owner vowed. His 40-year-0ld guesthouse is therefore very popular with backpackers. And this guesthouse owner is surely a character. Hong Kong’s latest inflation rate is over 7%. And he insisted on not raising prices. Chung King Mansion is legendary partly because of characters like him.

The lower-end accommodation in Hong Kong all has commonality: very small space with full array of facilities such as 24-hour hot shower, clean shower rooms/toilets, water facility, storage service, laundry room, etc. If it is an ensuite twin room, the room will have everything, including a TV set on the wall to save space, and a tiny shower room with toilet. But be prepared that the room is only slightly bigger than the space for a bed, and you have to pay HK$250-300 (US$32-40) per person per night.

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Hi. I’ll be going to Hong Kong on April 24 (3 nights) together with my 10 year old son. Pls recommend a reasonable, comfortable and safe place for us to stay (airconditioning, double bed, TV, private bath) at the Chung King. Thanks.

Hi ma’am! Good day! My family and I plan to go to HK on March 24-28. Can you recommend any hostel in Chungking Mansion? We consist of 6 adults and 1 child of 4 years. Thank you so much. Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

Anna: I will be coming to visit HK soon. May I ask you to send me an email? I have a suggestion for your blog and a question that I want to ask.

Hello Ann,

I would like to go to Chung King Mansions to buy some electrical items. Can you suggest the best season to travel to avoid the crowds of people and get the best deals.

Interesting blog on ChungKing. Such is the stuff of legends. There was a short article on Chungking as well in a recent issue of The Economist, describing an anthropologist’s book on this imfamous building. If you are keen, read the book.

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