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The most beautiful country trail in HK

I walked this country trail just a few days ago, only to be stunned by the beautiful scenery the trail has to offer.

A well kept secret about Hong Kong is that 70% of its land is country parks. The city is abundant in country trails leading to enchanting natural landscape. And though I am not a keen walker, I have walked quite a few trails over the years. But the most recent walk, along the Long Ha Wan (literally meant “lobster bay”) country trail, has impressed me most with its majestic beauty.

How to get there:

Take minibus 103M at the bus terminal of Tseung Kwun O MTR station, or minibus No. 16 at the bus terminal of Po Lin MTR station. Ask the driver to drop you off at the roundabout leading up to Clear Water Bay Country Park entrance.

It will be about 10 minute walk before you arrive at the entrance. At the left is a parking lot. Go through it and you will come to a steep road leading up to the mountain.  A map outlining the Long Ha Wan route is on display at the bottom of the road.

The climb will take 20-25 minutes. Once you reach the top, you will find yourself surrounded by seas and islands.

Going downhill is easy and pleasant. But once you reach the exit of the trail, you will need to walk at least half an hour to be back at the roundabout to catch a bus back to the city.

Duration: about 2.5 hours

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you may try “lobster bay”. but don’t think you can get much info in english. there is quite a lot info in chi though.

hi i was wondering if long ha wan is otherwise known? tried googling for more info, but seems quite limited. wondering if u can help me with it, am planning a trip there. thanks a bunch! :)

Those photos are excellent. Trails like this are probably not the sort of thing most people would expect to find in Hong Kong, it’s a shame people are missing out on views like these.

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