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The one star Michelin restaurant in HK

There is raving review about this small restaurant in North Point on Hong Kong Island. It specializes in food like marinated goose meat, noodle, chicken feet, etc. They sound very local right? I dare you to try. But not to worry what to order because the restaurant is full of posters advertising the interviews they gave to the media. Just point to the dishes on the poster and you will not be disappointed.

Since the restaurant was recently rated one star by Michelin, it has been packed all the time. There are also complaints of bad service from customers.  So do expect queues and not comfortable seating and probably not very good service.

Hung’s Delicacies
Shop 4, G/F, Ng Fai Building, 89-94 Wharf Road

You can view photos and comments (mostly in Chinese) of the restaurant here.

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