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The soul battle in Hong Kong

If you plan to visit Hong Kong, one of the times of the year you may consider coming is around June 4, when the Hong Kong people attend an annual rally in memory of those killed in the June 4 democracy movement, in defiance of the Beijing government’s wish to silence its people on what happened 20 years ago.

The memorial rally has been going on for the past 20 years, since June 4 1989, with the rally always held in the Victoria Park, on Hong Kong Island. And each year there is always a large turn out. If you want to see the soul of Hong Kong behind all the high rise buildings and busy traffic, you can always find it in the evening of June 4, in the Victoria Park lit up by candles.

This year, a bigger turn out is expected, because of the gaffe of the city’s Chief Executive Donald Tsang. When asked about June 4 in the Legislative Council two days ago, he said, “I understand Hong Kong people’s feelings about June 4, but the incident happened many years ago. The country’s development in many areas has since achieved tremendous results and brought economic prosperity to Hong Kong. I believe Hong Kong people will make an objective assessment of the nation’s development.”

What is more, he claimed his view represents the general view of Hong Kong people. He later apologized, saying that he did not mean what he said.

His remarks and apology is total nonsense and much ridicule, of course. His stupidity is simply hard to imagine. To say that your view represents the view of Hong Kong people, while you are appointed by the Beijing government, not elected by the Hong Kong people?

And what those in the top can do just to curry flavor to stay in power, and as a result make a fool of himself, look nowhere than Mr Tsang.

What is more, Mr Tsang, are you telling us that it is alright that you kill people, as long as you can get rich later?

A leader of no soul and a city of people trying to clinging to their souls. That is Hong Kong. So come to Hong Kong around June 4 to see the struggle.

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