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Ticketing update: “HK-Shenzhen Airport” direct bus

Further to my entry about the direct bus service between Hong Kong’s Elements (Kowloon Station) and Shenzhen Airport, here’s the latest news:

You can now buy the direct bus tickets online using Visa credit card – but the interface is in Chinese only, or through the 7-Eleven convenience stores at the MTR stations (for the list of 7-Elevent stores, see here – in Chinese only ). In other words, if you can find a 7-Eleven store in any of the major MTR stations, you can buy the ticket there.

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Hi Anna, Yours is the most helpful blog I have found on this subject! Just checking the December 2010 re hongkong – shenzhen airport info is still current. Thanks

I want to go directly from Hong Kong airport to the Shenzhen airport after a flight that arrives in HK at 8:35pm. Do I have to go to Kowloon station to get the bus, and also it looks like the buses only run to 7 or 8 o’clock, are there other options?

Hi. How long does it take to travel from hongkong airport to shenzen via private car?

Thank you for your indications.
There are also a few meeting points in hotels onto HK island, i.e. Wharney GuangDong hotel (57-73 Lockart rd, MTR Wanchai station). Very convenient.
Only warning: you should add 30min to your trip, as these coaches will stop in Kowloon station anyway!

The exit of the Kowloon Station directly goes to the shopping mall Elements, and the bus service counters are inside the shopping mall. You will see the sign guiding you to the counters. In case you can’t find, ask at the “customer service counter” of the shopping mall.

Hi there! I managed to grab a ticket for this bus. However the description given is quite vague. It says at Kowloon station, but not at which specific exit. Where exactly will I need to go to board the bus from Kowloon? Is it at Exit C? Thanks for your help!

I have used the Shenzhen airport for flights within China. WWhile it is undoubtedly cheaper, it is also of a lower standard than HK airport: flights are almost always late (sometimes by several hours), and departure gates may change without an English announcement. Given that the travel time from Elements Mall in Kowloon to the Shenzhen airport may require some 2-3 hours of lead time, I have decided that it is not worth it. Landing in Shenzhen is a much better proposition. Until the Shenzhen airport decides that on-time departures are important, I would stay away.
A word of advice: don’t take the bus to HK during rush hour!

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