Tip for bus transport from HK to neighboring mainland cities

China Travel Tours Transportation company, a subsidiary of China Travel Service (CTS), runs a full range of bus services between Hong Kong and neighboring mainland cities, such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Shunde, Panyu, Zhongshan and Zhuhai.

Its website lists schedules as well as prices. So it is a wonderful reference. But to see the full list of its bus services, you must click on the names of place/border crossing/route on the left navigation bar. You will be surprised how many more bus destinations you can find.

The website is

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2 replies on “Tip for bus transport from HK to neighboring mainland cities”

1. you get off the bus to clear the HK immigration, and then you get on the bus again. and then you are transported to the Shenzhen immigration side, and you get off here.

2. no worries about this. there are usually staff to guide you. of course, it is better also that you identify the bus number, if it is the same bus.

3. the shenzhen visa is for shenzhen only, not for going outside of shenzhen.

This is such a useful site. have posted a comment re:travel from Disneyland to Huanggang earlier but could not find it. While searching I found this related post. What I want to ask are the followi9ng questions :
1.How many times do we need to get off the bus to clear immigration/customs from Disneyland Hong Kong to Huanggang ?
2.Do we board the same bus after clearing immigration/customs, in which case we do have to identify the bus number etc ?
3.The Shenzhen visa for entry at Huanggang is the special economic zone visa , as different from the visa for other china cities, right ?

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