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Tips for visiting Ocean Park

Ocean Park has become the No.1 theme park in Hong Kong, surpassing Disneyland, in terms of visitor number and popularity. But it also means that the Park may be too packed, spoiling the fun.

Here are some tips if you plan on visiting Ocean Park:

1. Avoid visiting the Park on weekends. You can be assured of a packed place with long queues everywhere with both locals and mainland visitors flocking to the Park during the weekend.

2. Everything is expensive in the Park – that particularly means the food and beverage sold inside the Park. Expect to pay a bottle of soft drink/water for HK$20, more than double the price outside the Park. So bring along some food and drink to save some money. There is a McDonald’s in the park, which sells no set meals, and at a higher price for each item of its food and drinks. Still it attracts the longest queue in the park because its food still comes at a lower price than other food stalls.

3. The “raging river” is fun and you shouldn’t miss out. But expect at least one-hour wait in the queue to ride on the water and get wet during the weekend.

4. The Park provides automatic digital shooting opportunities for many of the activities (such as taking cable car, and visiting the Reef Atoll) you participate and you get to preview them on exit and pay over HK$100 for a photo you like. I found it annoying that the staff alert you to the camera everywhere you go, but obviously some people like the service.

5. I observe that people enter the Ocean Theatre for daily shows of dolphins and sea lions well before the scheduled time to have a good seat (that means a seat in the shade in the summer). So get there early if you want a good seat too.

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hi good morning.this is my first time to plan to go to ocean park..
i just want to know if softdrinks,water and and some chips allowed in ocean park?
what about a set of lunch?thank u..hope u answer my questions..tnx

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