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Touring Chinese University

I posted an entry before about The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Recently I went to the University, with the impression that though it has built many new buildings over the years, crowding the hillside, its campus is still the most beautiful of Hong Kong’s universities.The Pavilion of Harmony in the University’s New Asia College is impressive. The water of the Pavilion “merges” with the water of the Tolo Harbour beyond.

intersection of the pavilion water and the water of the harbour

In Shaw College, the student canteen and the staff restaurant offer some breathtaking views. Yet, they are so pleasantly quiet over the weekend, just like the college campus. My friends and I went to the staff restaurant on a Sunday for lunch – it was nearly empty. Only one table was occupied. The food (Chinese dishes and dim sum) was not outstanding but good enough, and the price was very reasonable. I wish to come back.

The view from the student canteen terrace
the student canteen at Shaw College

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