Trail: A mix of history and nature

Walked this trail last weekend – highly recommended it. It combines a bit of history and nature with the destination being Mui Wo, a low-profile and yet peaceful and beautiful outlying island.

Mui Wo
Mui Wo’s beach and shoreline

Mui Wo is not a popular outlying island for tourists as well as locals, because there is not “much” going on there. This is particularly so after Tung Chung MTR station was opened, allowing people to go visit Po Lin Monastery, a major tourist spot, via Tung Chung instead of passing by Mui Wo.

The island however, has attracted a growing number of expatriates living there for its quietness and scenery. I have not been to Mui Wo for long. In fact, I can barely recall when I visited it last time. But it looks like it has frozen in time. Nothing much has changed. This is rare in the fast changing HK where the city landscape is in flux. Except for one thing. There are now more cafes and bars catering to expatriates, especially near the pier, testament to more expatriates living there.

a commanding view from the trail

The walk is not hard with some gentle slopes on part of the journey. Along the route, there are villages to visit, some of which, however, are quite abandoned or have been re-developed with little traces of the past. There are explanations on panels installed along the trail about some historic sites, in English, Chinese and Japanese.


Starting Point: Pak Mong Village
Take taxi from Tung Chung MTR station. Look for the blue taxi at the taxi stand which serves the Lantau Island and therefore offers lower fares than the red taxi which serves the city. The taxi ride is about 10 minutes with fare not more than HK$40.

Finishing Point: Mui Wo

If you take the fast ferry, it is only 20 minutes from Mui Wo to Central. Fare is HK$28 for weekends.

Map: See here for the map showing the route.

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