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Train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen (part three)

Hong Kong train operator MTR has updated its customer website so that users can not only search the route, time and fare of Hong Kong train service, but also the underground system of Shenzhen. You will find this very useful if you are planning to travel to Shenzhen from Hong Kong for a visit.

Check out this link. It allows you to shift between the two train systems and gives you some visual concept about the train connection between the two cities.

Train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen (part one)

Train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen (part two)

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2 replies on “Train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen (part three)”

Hi Anna!
I have just discovered your blog and I love it. I was checking your post about how to go from Shenzhen to HK given that I have to ‘refresh’ my China Visa (yes, it’s 2 entries) and I was wondering if I would be allowed to go to Futian Station (SZ), go across the border to Lok Ma Chao Station, do my passport control and just come back…or whether ,on the other hand, spending some hours in HK is mandatory.
I have to ‘refresh’ my China Visa for my first time, so I don’t know if it’s a tough process or if it’s easier than I guess. I imagine it will be quite time-costing…do you know how long it takes (the whole process I mean).
Thanks in advance
keep up your work!!!

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