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Train stations in Shenzhen, China

As China’s economy is expanding, so is its transport system. One only needs to look at China’ train stations. In major cities, there are at least two train stations. For the first time traveler to China, this sometimes can cause confusion.

Take Shenzhen, the neighboring city of Hong Kong. It has Shenzhen Station, which is the biggest and busiest station in Lowu. If you go to Hong Kong from China, you would want to arrive at the Lowu train station, as the border crossing at Lowu is easier – both Hong Kong and China’s passport control points are located in the same building. After the Hong Kong control point, you reach Hong Kong railway system (KCRC) right away, which, with transition to the city’s underground system (MTR), can take you to almost any corner in the city.

Shenzhen has Shenzhen East Station, which is newer, smaller, and is about one hour taxi to Lowu (about RMB70-90) and the city centre. The location is a bit remote. From here it is shorter distance to reach Huanggang border crossing to Hong Kong. Bus connection is available at the Hong Kong side.

So beware which station in the city you are headed to. On the train ticket, if it is written “to Shenzhen”, then it is to the Shenzhen Station in Lowu. If it is to the Shenzhen East Station, the ticket will show the word “East”. When you check out train transport information, do look out for which station of the city the train goes to. Most of the time, the train table you can find may not show the information.

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I’m now in Shenzhen , I am going to take train to xiamen which train station should I go?

I will be travelling from HongKong International Airport to Shenzhen Lo Wu station. What is the best itinary if I want to go by coach? How much does the ticket cost? Can you recommend me a coach operator?

Hi i am going to shehnzen from hong kong for the day – i was just wondering what i needed to do about visas from hong kong – i am a british passport holder

hi i’m going to hong kong for 2 days after 3 days stay in to obtain the hk visa?i’m a malaysian passport holder..tq very much

Hello, i want to know until what time i can enter to hong kong via shenzhen? thank you

maybe you have to take into consideration also of how much is the price of a ticket from Hongkong station to Shenzhen Station and the time of the trip.

Thank you

how will i go to shenzhen by train from Hong Kong? how much will it cost and whats the operating time of the train? thanks!

it depends on which shenzhen east station you mean. you mean the lowu train station? if yes, that is very easy. After the Hong Kong Immigration, it is Hong Kong’s MTR East Rail Line’s Lo Wu station. Take it all the way to the line’s second last stop Mongkok East station.

i will be travelling from ganzhou to shenzhen east station , how can i get to hong kong from shenzhen east station to mong kok in hong kong? what is the easiest way to get after the hong kong immigartion?

Dear Anna

Thanks for your useful respond. I shall enquire from China Travel Service Agent in my country but I doubt they sell it here. I guess I have to purchase when I am in Shenzhen.

Thanks for your information.


Maggie, Go to China Travel Service agent to buy the train tickets, if your country has branches.

But you won’t be able to buy the tickets until much later this year, probably one month before your departure date.

Dear Sirs

I am enquiry on the return train fares for 2 soft-sleepers for 2 persons. We shall be travelling from Shenzhen to Xian on 12th December 2008 and returning to Shenzhen on 17th December 2008. Kindly confirm where we could purchase the tickets and when should we do it bearing in mind that we are only travelling sometime in December.

Please revert urgently so that we can planned ahead.

Thank you and hoping to hear from you then.


The best way to get to the mainland from HK is by ferry. So much more comfortable and the queues at immigration are so much shorter than at Lowu.

Maybe it’s also important to mention that you can buy tickets at one railway station for trains departing at the other station. At least I could do that once, but I’m not sure if it is always possible.

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