HK-Shenzhen Transport

Transport form Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong DisneyLand

If you land in Shenzhen airport and want to go to Hong Kong DisneyLand Park, please make sure that your flight lands early. 

There are buses running from Shenzhen Airport direct to Hong Kong DisneyLand Park between 8:20am – 11am, every 20 minutes. The bus fare is RMB150. The bus will go via Huanggang border, and you will need to change to another bus of the same bus company after the border crossing. But this should be easy. Just follow the directions or the passengers in the same bus. 


Block A of Shezhen Airport (near the middle gate of the Arrival Hall), or Block B (next to the No.5 gate)

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3 replies on “Transport form Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong DisneyLand”

Hi Anna,

Did you respond to the previous post from Emilio? How long does the journey take? Also, is there any hostels around that area that you would recommend?

Hi Anna,
How long does the whole journey take from Shenzhen airport to HGK Disney?
And if can’t make it for last bus at 11am, is there any alternative?

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