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Transport from Lowu to Hong Kong Airport

If you need to travel from Lowu to Hong Kong International Airport, here’s the easiest way – take the airport bus from Sheung Shui train station on the East Rail Line.

After going through the Hong Kong immigration, you will find yourself at the Hong Kong Lowu train station. Board the train, and get off at the first stop – Sheung Shui station.

Take exit B2, to get to the Sheung Shui Bus Terminus, where you will find A43 airport bus. It takes about 1 hour to get to the Hong Kong International Airport, with a bus fare of HK$29.2. The bus is every 15-30 minutes.

For details of the bus route, please go to this bus company website to key in the bus route number for checking. Note that the first part of the schedule is for transport to the Airport from Luen Wo Hui (in Fanling, which is about 2-3 stops to Sheung Shui station), and the second part of the schedule is for transport from the Airport.

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How I can get the Transport From Lo Wu Hotel to Hong Kong Asia World Expo Center which is near to Hong Kong Airport

I am arriving by Train to Shenzhen Bei @ 22:30,and I will take the Metro 12 Stops to Luohu.
Estimated travel time:36 Minutes 24 Seconds, so 23:10 before I en start to pass through Chinese and Hong Kong Immigration.

Since the time taken for Border Crossing, is variable, depending on time of day and day of year, I do not know what time I will be through?

I have a feeling I could miss the Last East Rail Link from Lo Wu Station (00:30 or 23:43?) to Sheung Shui Station?

I was hoping to be able to catch the last A43 Bus to HKIA – anyone know what time is the last A43 Bus, from Sheung Shui BusStop ?
Estimated arrival time from Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) to Sheung Shui Railiway Station = 20 mins
Last Train Departure from 粉嶺(聯和墟)開出 From Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) seems to be 22:30
So 22:50 @ Sheung Shui it looks like maybe?

So Catching the last A43 Bus on Sunday night, is not going to happen, it seems!

But there is the N42A night bus apparently!

This suggests Departure from LUEN WO HUI B/T @ 04:00 everyday, and takes 20 min, to reach Sheung Shui Bus Stop.
N42A Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) 1 departure daily at 00:20 Yuan29.2
So why is this Departure TIME, not mentioned here ?

Can anyone confirm if what I discovered and deduced is correct?

ie Unless I can get earlier Train, I am likely to miss the last Train to Sheung Shui (22:30). Even taking a Taxi probably won’t get me to the A43 Sheung Shui Bus Stop, in time for the last Bus (22:50?) to HKIA. There may be the N42A at that Sheung Shui Bus Stop, but may well be 04:20.

If that looks correct, then where is the best place to wait, say 3 hours, and will there be a Taxi to get me to Sheung Shui Bus Stop for that Bus to HKIA.

MY Flight is NOT until gone 9am on Monday Morning, so not in any hurry (other than the inconvenience of missing last trains and Buses). I am also contemplating waiting @ Shenzhen North Station until the Metro start up in the morning – is this possible/safe?

As theese Checkpoints are 24 hours, is waiting @ Futian Crossing or Lo Wu Crossing, feasible, practical, possible?

Thanks for any suggestions.



I will arrive in Hongkong airport about 1030pm . I need to travel to shenzhen and hope to get into the last MTR . If I take the taxi from airport to Sheung Shui MTR station, how long would it take ? Whats the last train for Sheung Shui MTR station to luohu station ? Otherwise please advise what time is the last bus from the HK airport to Shenzhen? Thank you

i need to be in the airport by 9 am, what time is the first trip from lowu shenzhen to hongkong border
to get hongkong airport on time

[…] 3. By bus and MTR to Lowu If you want to go from Hong Kong International Airport to Lowu, another important border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, you can take the airport bus No A43 to get off at Sheung Shui Railway Station stop and transfer to MTR train. Sheung Shui MTR station is only one stop away from Lowu MTR station. After the Hong Kong immigration and customs clearing right next to the Lowu MTR station, you will soon be in Lowu, Shenzhen. See my previous post here. […]

anna, thak you sooo much. really clear and easy to understand, just like your great web site.

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