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“Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airport”: 3 ways

If you leave for Hong Kong from Shenzhen airport (or vice versa), you have three choices:

1) Take direct bus

There is an old and existing way of bus transport, as described here. But the new direct bus service departing from /to Hong Kong’s Airport Express station Kowloon Station is especially convenient and fast. See my post on the service here and here.

2) take the bus K568 from Shenzhen airport to Lowu, Shenzhen

The bus journey is 45 minutes,  about every 15 minutes, costing about RMB20. But some part of the road is bumpy and traffic jam is common. So be prepared that the journey takes longer than specified. The bus stops at the Lowu Commercial City Building. The border crossing/passport control building is just next door and there are signs around to indicate the direction. So you won’t have problem finding your way.

Once you are done with first, China side’s passport control, and then Hong Kong side’s passport control, you land right away at the Hong Kong railway station Lowu, from where the train will take you to almost all parts of the city, including hotspots such as Central, Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Note that before, Hong Kong had two rail systems, one KCRC, over the railway system, another MTR, over the underground system. But since 2 December 2007, the two companies/systems have merged and now all the railway/MTR services come under control of one company – MTR Corporation Limited. Click here to view its website for Hong Kong’s whole range of train services.

3) take the ferry

Take the shuttle bus from Shenzhen airport to Shenzhen’s Fu Yong pier (only a couple of minutes drive), from where there is ferry to China Hong Kong City Pier in Tsim Sha Tsui, or to Macau Ferry in Sheung Wan (near Central), or to Sky Pier at Hong Kong International Airport. The sea journey takes about 1 hour.

See here for schedule and price. The ticket price covers both the shuttle bus and the ferry.

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Quick question: If my flight from Hong Kong airport leaves at 7am, which would require me to be there by 5am, is there any way I could travel from Shenzhen that morning and make my flight? or would I have to leave the night before?


I am a Sri Lankan, have been to China many times in past.

This time, planning to go via Hongkong, for 1st time.

Please advise the option I will have to reach Shenzhen from Hongkong. Thank you

this is my first time travelling from shenzhen to hongkong…can u suggest a most convenient way to reach kowloon hongkong…

There is actually a fifth option. Hire a cross border car and enter Shenzhen via Huanggang. This is quite an expensive way of doing it (about 800RMB), but also probably the most convenient way, especially if you’re travelling in a group with a lot of luggage!

Good informative blog. But you haven’t updated it to clearly include the fourth option, the all-train/subway option, as of July ’11:

MTR East TST or Hung Hom stations to Lo Wu (about 45 min. and 35 HK$), passport control, then Shenzhen metro on the other side, Luo Hu to Bao An Airport East station (29 stations total, about 75 min. and 9 RMB). Clearly the cheapest way (by far), but also time-consuming.

Hi Chris
i think 18 Jan is still okay. won’t be too many people crossing the border. Usually the peak time starts a bit before the weekend.

Hi Anna

I love your blog. I’m planning to go ShenZhen on 18th of January. lt is very near to CNY and I’m worried that the LuoHu immigration will be jammed packed. I fly into HKG on 18th of January arriving around 12.30pm. I had intended to deposit my luggage in the HKG hotel and then take the train to LuoHu station but now because of my worry I am thinking if I should take a ferry directly from HKG Airport? And then returning using LuoHu station by MTR (i assume that the return will be less jammed since I’m entering into HKG).

What do you think?


It does not take much time to go through the customs if it is not public holiday. 6 hours prior to your flight time should be fairly enough.


I am planning to take a 8:30PM flight from Hongkong but I will be in Shenzhen that day. How much early do I have to leave SZ if I have to catch Hongkong flight? I am not Chinese so I will have to go through customs etc at one of the above entry points.


at the arrival hall, you can find booths selling bus tickets to Hong Kong. Just go get them, or take the metro to lowu, and to Hong Kong. check out the post in this blog about the metro to lowu.

We have 8 people would like to go to Hong Kong via Shenzhen airport. Could you please advice how to transfer to Lowu & depart to Hong Kong? How much is the cost by bus or taxi?

i’m staying in shanghai. i need my visa stamped. i usually fly to shenzhen, then take the ferry to HK, but i heard i can do it more easily via the train station.

is this true?

can i fly to shenzhen, get to Luohu Train Station, go through customs, walk into HK, then turn around and walk right back in?


How long would it take and how much would it cost to take a cab from Central, HK to the border and then from the border to Shenzhen Airport?

I cannot believe people who are planning trips around the world and don’t bother to inform themselves.

One does not need a visa to enter Hong Kong. Americans get a visa on the spot and I am sure Canadians and Europeans do too.

I will be reaching hk airport, from there i need to go to shenzhen (Luohu), And i dont have a Visa also, I need the Shenzhen visa, So how to go & which is the fast & convinent way to go, thanks

if you let me know your question clearly, i may be able to answer you. you are trying to go from HK airport to shenzhen? which part of shenzhen?

I am going to travel on 28 Aug from Spore to Shenzhen. Should I take the HK Mtr to Cheng Yi and change to Lo Wu. Or still take the bus to Shenzhen airport.

My ultimate destination is at an Industrial estate which I took from Lo Wu before and that will be 10 stations.

I am travelling alone with a big suitcase.

I will end up; in Hong Kong 3 days later . That will be easy. It is my doubt of getting to Shenzhen.

Hello, I can’t seem open your other links related to this post :s

I need to get to HK airport from SZ airport in July. So which one is the most convenient way? considering that I’ll have my *huge* suitcase and other stuffs


On May 10th, at 12:20 pm, I will arrive at the Hong Kong airport and will immediately go to Shenzhen. However, I can not enter Hong Kong to get there because I do not have a Hong Kong visa. But I do have the China visa. Can you please teach me how to go to Shenzhen without entering Hong Kong?
Is the ferry from the Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen, Fu Yong available at the moment?

Thank you.

I have a group 6 adults and 4 children will travel to Shenzen in Dec 08, flight will be from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to Shenzen Airport, we want to transfer from Shenzen Airport to Kowloon, HongKong once we arrive Shenzen Airport, what is the most convenience way to reach Kowloon,Hongkong, can we take a bus, is it cheaper? How much per head and how long is the journey? I understand we can take a taxi to the MRT station, what I know is very jam, is very troublesum will the children and the heavy luggage, please advise.

Nick, as Shenzhen Airport is fully in China, and you must go through Hong Kong Special Admin Region border checks to reach HK, I think the answer is no. Can anyone quote different experience?

Can I arrive in China at the Shenzhen airport and get to Hong Kong without a Chinese visa?

If you go to the shopping mall called “Elements” above the Kowloon Station, you will find the bus company and its service counter. There is no other cross-border service there.

I am flying from Kunming to Shenzhen this week and would like to take the new Express bus that you have posted about. Do you know what company runs the route from Shenzhen airport to the Kowloon station? I want to make sure I end up on the fast bus and not the one that takes 3 hours.

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