HK-Shenzhen Transport

Transport: Hong Kong Airport and Shenzhen

Since there has been interest in the transport between Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen, I thought I would post on the topic. So here it goes.

In terms of border corssing bus transport, no service is better than that offered by Hong Kong China Travel Service (CTS). It runs frequent bus service between Hong Kong International Airpot and different hotel spots in Shezhen/Shenzhen Airport via the border of Huangguang (shenzhen side)/Lok Ma Chau (hong kong side).

There is a Mainland Coach Station in Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport. This is the boarding point. For ticketing, if you are in Terminal 1, go to the Arrival Hall Counter A09 (CTS counter); if you are in Terminal 2, go to the Coach Station C05.

There are at least 3 CTS buses you can take. I quote one of the buses below. For more choices and details pls check out here

Bus 1:

Schedule of bus from Hong Kong International Airport (via Huanggang) to Shenzhen Bao Li Lai Hotel:

08:05; 09:05; 10:05; 11:05; 12:05; 13:05; 14:05; 15:05; 17:05; 18:05; 19:05; 20:05

Schedule of bus from Shenzhen Bao Li Lai Hotel to Hong Kong International Airport (via Huanggang):

06:40; 07:40; 09:10; 10:10; 11:10; 12:10; 13:10; 14:10; 15:10; 16:10; 17:10: 18:10

The bus fare is HK$100-150 per journey (Hong Kong International Airport to Huanggang) – early and late buses will charge more.

The last bus to depart Hong Kong International Airport for the Huanggang border/Shenzhen is 22:00. If you arrive in Hong Kong later than this time, then you may need to think about another way to travel to Huanggang, such as by taking the Hong Kong MTR.

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i had a flight at 7.55 pm
so thought of travelling by ferry to hk airport..reachd at d ferry port shekou by 440…n they didnt allow me to take the 530 ferry saying dat d minimum tym required is 3 hrs prior…how does it make sense n for do v require 3 hrs prior on d hk airport
convinced them to make me via land i.e.frm shenzen to hk because i still had tym to reach hk…
bt they denied saying u need hk visa wheras hk visa is given on arrival fr indian flyers
persuaded them a lot to take us via land bt they didnt allow sayin the nly way is to change ur tiket..which cost us 6000rmb one way
how can some one nt help in dis sitauation wen you have your flight n u wanna travel back to ur country n u reach 3.5 hrs prior

Hi All,

I do not recommend the CTS bus service, I had some passport issues at the border and the mini bus just drove away leaving me with a fake HK number to call. In the end I had to take a cab to hk airport. At the airport I went to complain at the CTS counter there. Nobody would listen to me, and they even told me they would call the police if I didn’t leave.


Do you have more schedules for theCTS bus leaving Hong Kong Airport after 8:45pm and which hotels they go to? Also what time does ast bus leave to go to Shenzhen ?

Arriving Hong Kong airport at 8:00pm 16/3/12 and wish to know easiest way to get to Shenzhen China Holiday Inn Express assuming we can get our bags by 8:45pm. Train, bus ferry and what times do last ones leave Hong Kong airport.

We will be landed at Hongkong International Airport and straight away going to Shenzhen, Luohu, please advise us what type of transport is the faster and cheapest , We will be arriving at Hongkong Internatuinal Airport at 10.30am on 24/12/2011. Thanks you

thanks for sharing all these experiences. travelling for foreigners on their own (not in a tour group) in those chinese cities outside the major cities such as shanghai, beijing and guangzhou, is still hard, because of the issues mentioned and more, such as queue jumping, chinese only instruction, ubiquitous existence of touts, unscrupulous taxi driver, etc.

Shenzhen airport is indeed dyfunctional and chaotic beyond belief. We came in on a flight from Nanchang’new airport yesterday. We faced baggage claim on a single belt with 4 airlines. All the other belts are not in use.The crowds were uncivil to say the least. The instructions are in Chinese . So be warned. In our outward journey days earlier to Jiujiang , we were dropped off some 300m from Nanchang railway station by taxis . And worse, endured a gaunlet of touts everywhere from Nanchang to Jiujang. It was dreadful. Then there is the queues of 30 -60 long for bullet trains ,and dreadful queue jumping and touts again whilst queueing for the tickets. Remember to bring your passports when you purchase tickets. We faced the ticket office that told us the railways computor cannot recognise the authenticity of our Visa that was in fact issued by the Chinese Consulate in Hong Kong. Never travel at night: the taxi insisted we drop 100m away from the hotel ,telling us to walk ourselves. Be warned

While the cheaper price for air ticket is a big attraction, let me remind you all to allow A LOT more time for ShenZhen flight delays. The airport is disorganized and dysfuntional, with as many as 4 gate changes and 3+ hour delays having been experienced by myself for some flights. There is little by way of organized information about these last-minute changes: even some announcements do not give the correct destination (the colloqial name is given instead of e.g. Shanghai). Bottom line: it’s OK to land in SZ airport and take the convenient bus to HK, but not vice versa. Also, avoid the bus service in hot weather, as there is quite a bit of walking with all your luggage. If your time is precious, don’t depart from SZ.
I wonder if there is a published list of China airport on-time statistics ….

Is there a bus that goes directly from the Shenzhen airport and the Hong Kong airport? And if there is how much does it cost? What is the most effective way to get from shenzhen-Hong kong airport? How long does it take? Thank you.

Does the service offered by Hong Kong China Travel Service do not include route from HKIA to Lowu Station. Or better to Crowne Plaza Lowu? thank you so much!

You can also, take the airport bus to Sheung Shui and Train (1 stop) to Luo Hu crossing if arriving before midnight.

Out of hours it must be Huanggang 24 hour crossing.
If no buses, a taxi to the bus station close to Huanggang, catch a small bus to the border, cross HK immigration, another small bus to Chinese immigration, through Chinese immigration and out of Huanggang.

Huanggang is theChinese name for the crossing. Lok Ma Choi is the H.K name. It is the same crossing.

Messy, but handy in an emergency out of hours.

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