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Vietnamese food and market tour

I do not usually go to expensive restaurants for food. So this restaurant I recommend belongs to the neighborhood restaurant category, which means the food tastes good but is not expensive.It is a Vietnamese restaurant located in North Point. I like to order its noodle set. For HK$36, you have a Hong Kong style milk tea, a big bowl of Vietnamese noodle, and some steam rolls or spring rolls. If it is afternoon tea time (from 2:30pm to 6pm), the price is even cheaper.

I’ve also tried its Vietnamese style fried noodle. Not bad, but a little too greasy for me.

Most important, it has an English menu.

The North Point open market is right next door. So after the food, a good activity to do is visit the market where you can find vegetables, fresh fruits, flowers, clothes, bags, etc.How to get to the restaurant

North Point MTR station, exit B1. When you step out of the exit, it is King’s Road. Cross road to the other side of the King’s Road. Walk one block towards the Causeway Bay direction, and turn right at Tong Shui Road. The restaurant (Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant, “越中意”in Chinese)is right there. Tong Shui Road is also where the tram turns in for North Point stop.

Address:  Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant, No. 24 shop, Kiu Kwan Mansion, 395 King’s Road (the restaurant is entered at Tong Shui Road); Phone: 2561-3863

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