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Vintage-style Hong Kong Hotel

This vintage-style hotel is located in Wanchai, boasting Hong Kong 60’s decor and accoutrements. Despite its old Hong Kong style, all rooms are modernly furnished, with hit-tech features. This is because, according to a newspaper report, the hotel’s owner is from an IT background. Each hotel room is installed with high-tech Intelligent Hotel System, and equipped with LCD TV, DVD player, comprehensive audio/ video library, radio, Internet access, and audio jacks.

mingle-by-the-park-roomPrice of rooms ranges from HK$400 to HK$1700, all with a small balcony resembling that of 60s in Hong Kong. But be prepared that the rooms are small, just like the way it was, with the smallest only 80 sq feet, just enough for a single bed and a TV set. But the decoration of the hotel looks really cool, bringing you back to old Hong Kong.

The 3-star hotel has 25 guestrooms. It is said that it is particularly popular with backpackers.

Here’s the hotel (Mingle Place by the Park)’s website.

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Sounds really good. My boyfriend and I are planning trip to China and Hong Kong next year. We would enjoy staying in the place like this.

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