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Since my post “Get a China visa in Macau” has been extremely popular and many questions have been raised about visa to Macau, I thought I would just do a write up on visa to Macau. 

The following countries’ citizens do not need a visa to visit Macau:

Andorra Indonesia Norway
Australia Ireland Philippines
Austria Israel Poland
Belgium Italy Portugal
Brazil Japan Romania
Canada Kiribati Samoa
Chile (Republic of) Latvia (Republic of) Seychelles
Croatia (Republic of) Lebanon Singapore
Cyprus Liechtenstein Slovak Republic
Czech Lithuania Slovenia
Denmark Luxembourg South Africa
Egypt Malaysia South Korea
Estonia Mali (Republic of) Spain
Finland Malta (Republic of) Sweden
France Mexico Switzerland
Germany Monaco Tanzania
Greece Mongolia Thailand
Hungary Namibia Turkey
Iceland Netherlands United Kingdom
India New Zealand Uruguay
 Cabo Verde (Republic of)   Bulgaria (Republic of) U.S.A.
Commonwealth of Dominica      

If your country is not on the list, you need a visa to enter Macau. You can apply for the visa at the border for a fee of MOP100 (about USD13), and you will be allowed to stay 30 days.

It is required that you have a valid passport, a return/onward flight ticket, and proof of funding during your stay (MOP500 per day) when you enter Macau.

Enquiries (immigration service office):

email: ; phone:(853)28725488

Source of the above information: website of the Immigration Service Office of Macau Government (in Chinese and Portuguese only )    

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My visa expired two months ago,can i get china visa in macau while my passport is still valid.

Hi, Anna.
i am having a sierra Leone passport and my wife is having senegalaise passort also and we need to travel to Macau for sightseeing holiday, please do we need to have visa prior do arriving or can we collect the visa in the port of entry(Airport)? and can we get china visa also from macau.

im odelyn from phil..and i lost my blue card.i want to aply for a new job in macau
but as i said my blue card was lost.what will i do?

Hi, I am a holder of an ukranian passport and i have to leave the country after 6 months. Can I open a new touristic visa for china for at least 30 days in macao?

And as I understood it right, i can apply for a visa for macao on the boarder.
Thanks for an answere

I am a philipines citizen, do i need a visa to go India? I have plan to stay there for only 3 to 5days.
Pls help me…

My wife is a vietnamese, and wish to go for holiday during the Christmax , so how can i apply from Vietnam. Or can she get the landed visa at the airport in macau? Pls help to adv

Dear Anna,

I am Indian holding Indian Passport and having a single entry CHINA VISA which is valid. Now,

a) Can I apply for a Double Entry VISA for CHINA from Macau inspite of having a valid single entry CHINA VISA ??

b) In a day what is the cut off time to apply for Double Entry VISA for CHINA for Pick up in Half Day ??

c) Is Saturday & Sunday working day or holiday ??

d) What are the working hours ??

Many thanks in advance & highly appreciate your earliest response.

Best Wishes,


Hi there, can someone please help. Im from vietnam and looking to travel to hong kong, china and macau. WHich countries do i need a VISA FOR ????

Thanks guys

you can get it at the hong kong office of the commissioner of the China foreign minstry, but the easiest way is probably obtaining it at the immigration at ferry terminal at macau. prepare valid transport, onward flight/train ticket, and proof of funding (each day MOP500).

I am not the macau authority. so pls check it yourself by making enquiries to the authority at


We are confuse whether we need to get visa or not; we will be using ferry going to macau from Hong Kong. I am from philippines and our travel time will be on June 21-23. If we need visa going to macau where can we get it in the HongKong and how long does it takes?
what are the requirements?

Hi friends,

My family are here in Macau for vacation, being allowed to stay only for 30 days, how or where can i extend their stay for at least 20 more days?

kind regards,


Hi Anna,

Sorry to trouble you again… would you happen to have the contact details of China Embassy/Consulate in Macau? I couldnt find it anywhere, I need to get my Z visa from there in 2 weeks, the china govt. has already issued a notice to me which allows me to get it from macau.




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