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Visit a university? why not

You may find this recommendation a bit odd: paying a visit to a university in Hong Kong? But if you see the photos below, you will probably be interested.

Hong Kong Science and Technology University, though being only 20 years old, is among Hong Kong’s top universities and earning high international standing. Its campus in Sai Kung is beautifully set among trees and surrounded by waters and mountains. Hong Kong’s another university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, boasts a beautiful campus too, but it is not as easily accessible as Hong Kong Science and Technology University.


Come to the University over the weekend when there is no class or during the summer or winter holidays. Stroll around and you will appreciate the calmness and beauty of the campus and its surroundings.

If you need a break, stop for the eateries here. Go to the atrium after passing the entrance piazza, and go down the elevators/steps – you will find three floors of canteen/food court/restaurant. There is even a McDonald here.

In the Academic Building, there is a cafe which sells cafe, salad and sandwiches. Outdoor seating is available. Its avocado Panini is gorgeous.

How to get there:

Take 11M mini bus from Hang Hau MTR is the easiest way of going to the Hong Kong Science and Technology University. It takes about 15 minutes.

There is also mini bus from Choi Hong MTR station going to the university.

Or take bus 792M from Tiu King Leng MTR station. It takes about 20 minutes.

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