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Visit farm and flea market in one go

This past Saturday, I visited two places, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, and the flea market outside Kam Sheung Road MTR station. It was all done together and it was fun.

I visited Kadoorie Farm for its fresh produce. The fresh eggs, vegetable, bananas, sugar canes, papaya, etc, all the produce of the Farm, are sold in its farm shop. This is the only place in Hong Kong where you can buy direct such a full range of fresh and organic produce. I love its farm shop. Its eggs are particularly popular (they are brought to the shop every day at about 11am), and are so popular that each is allowed to buy one small box only. The eggs are laid by chicken raised free range on the grass. Where else in HK and China can you buy eggs like these.

After a gratifying visit to the shop, you can then visit the farm and garden. Please follow this order – shop first, and visit later. Otherwise, all the fresh produce would be sold out. (you can entrust the produce you have bought with the staff. Just ask at the farm shop’s counter.)

At this time of the year,  the orchids and the Christmas flowers are blooming, very pleasing to the eyes. 

Before you leave Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, stop by its cafe to enjoy the vegetarian food offered. Don’t miss out on its omelette which tastes delicious because of using fresh organic eggs from the farm.

To go to Kadoorie, you get off at Kam Sheung Road MTR station and take bus No. 64K upon leaving exit C. The bus stops in front of the Farm and the bus ride is about 20 minutes.

Right outside Kam Sheung Road MTR Station (again, outside exit C) is a flea market that is open every Saturday and Sunday. It has grown over the years. Now it has 150 stalls and is really big, featuring all sorts of products and goods, and even local snack and hot food. View this website for a feel about the market. 

Choose a weekend so you can easily visit the Farm and the flea market in one go.  

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