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What the Star Ferry pier demolition tells us

The management of the Hong Kong ferry company which runs the ferry route from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, disclosed that following the demolishment of the Star Ferry pier at the Edinburg Square, Central, and moving of the pier to a more remote location, the traffic has decreased by 15%. The company said it would consider a fare hike in the near future.

It is a vivid demonstration of how wrong the HK government has been in ruthlessly demolishing such a historic and familiar place to HK people. The demolishment has not only destroyed a HK legacy and heritage, but also taken away a transport means for the public who now because of the remote location of the pier, have to forfeit its use.

The ferry ride has been an enjoyable ride for me, taking in the harbor view and landscape at both sides of the harbor. Now, physically, I don’t want to walk that long distance to take the ferry; psychologically, I don’t want to use the new pier either – in silent protest against the ugly development of this city and the indifference of its government.

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The answer is simple and sad – those who make the decisions to demolish never use the service and therefore it means nothing to them

I’m with you on this. How could Hong Kong be so utterly stupid? This sounds like the callous sort of destruction that goes on in mainland China when a party bigshot gets a chance to make millions at the expense of the public at large. I can’t imagine Hong Kong without the Star Ferry Pier and that great ride across the water. Please tell me who is responsible so I can get their pictures and squish their *&%&^%% heads between my fingers in protest?

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