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What to do in Sai Kung

If you visit Sai Kung, consider these activities:

1.Dining and Food

Sai Kung is renowned for seafood. But you can also find here plenty of non-seafood restaurants, some very nice. Try this Sri Lankan restaurant AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine. Exotic food, friendly service and reasonable price. The curry salmon is my favourite.

For address, direction and review, visit here.Chong Kei Che Chei Noodle (松記車仔麵)is another option. While AJ’s is fine dining, this noodle shop offers local food coming with cheap price. Che Chei Noodle is a local treat, allowing you to choose from a variety of food such as chicken wing, fish ball, beef tendon, mushroom, etc. to go with the noodle. More food you choose, more expensive it is. Usually a bowl of noodle with the choice of three types of food costs about US$4.

The area of Sai Kung is perfect for hiking. After hiking, I always come here for Che Chei noodle – the shop is famous among the locals.

Here is how it works: You queue up to order the food – just pinpoint the food you like, and find a seat, and the staff will bring the noodle to your table. And you pay when you leave.

For address, direction and review,  see here. There is a 7-Eleven convenience store at the minibus station. Next to it is a small path, where you can easily find the noodle shop as it always has a long queue.

2. Promenade

After food, you can take in some nice view strolling along the promenade.

fishermen selling fish from boats

3. Sharp Island

There is boat service going to Sharp Island from the pier of Sai Kung. Sharp Island is part of Hong Kong’s Geopark, about 2,000 meters from the pier of Sai Kung. Boat ride is about 15 minutes, a round trip ticket about HK$30. There are at least three service providers selling tickets at the pier of Sai Kung. They all claim that boats depart from the pier of Sai Kung and Sharp Island every 30 minutes. You can choose your time of departure.

one of the booths selling boat tickets

For information about Sharp Island, check out here.

4.  Honeymoon Dessert

To wrap up your trip to Sai Kung, have dessert in “Honeymoon”.

Honeymoon Dessert(滿記甜品)has become a most known dessert chain store in Hong Kong. You can find the store in many of Hong Kong’s major shopping malls. But the brand is rooted in Sai Kung – the first Honeymoon Dessert restaurant was opened in Sai Kung in 1995, a family run business originally.

The Sai Kung store therefore is original, and remains the only Honeymoon Desert store that is not in a shopping mall. That is the reason I like it here. You can still feel a bit of village ambiance here, and a sense of carefree ease.

Last time I was there, I ordered sweet ball in green bean soup, the traditional dessert type. Sesame soup, almond tea, walnut soup and their combinations, are also traditional type.

The dessert can be grouped into two categories, those traditional and those reformed and modern. Mango Saigo, Coconut Juice & Saigo Grass Jelly and the like fall into the latter group.

Address: G/F, 10A, B, C, Po Tung Rd., Sai Kung. (Across the road from the store is Tin Hau Temple.)

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Peter, there are some nice restaurants in Sai Kung with outdoor sitting, at a small square. They tend to be crowded over the weekend. If you choose a weekday, you can while away some good time there.

Great posting, Anna! I always something more to do in Saikung other than eating seafood.
Now, where would be a good place for a glass of wine there, to while away a couple of hours in good company???

I’m going next week. Any other advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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