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White terror is finally in HK

The climate is so chilling in Hong Kong. Five organizers of the July 1 rally were arrested. The police has become the political tool of CY Leung’s government to suppress any political dissent and engage in political persecution. This is glaring contempt of the rule of law and taking away the freedom of assembly from people. One country two systems is dead. Hong Kong is dead.

Good luck to those still thinking that all the “fuss” about July 1 rally and “occupy central” has nothing to do with them.

Occupy central seems to be the only choice people with conscience are left with. They have no other choice, faced with the chilling and oppressive environment CY Leung and his government controlled by Beijing is creating. People will rise up, I am sure. “官迫民反”-The masses will be forced to revolt under oppression by the officials, as a chinese saying goes.

By Anna

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In contrast to your viewpoint, as an expatriate to Hong Kong I felt more strongly the pan-democratic “white terror”, where democrats routinely censured and bullied their political opponents on both the media and the streets! It was a most distressing time. Perhaps just two sides of the same coin?

-George F.A.W. St. Claire

I ask how many in HK willing to sacriface everything including their lives to fight for democracy or for independence of HK.

I suspect not much as most in HK are wusses worried more about their ‘iron bowls’ or their livilhoods.

“Those who trade freedom and liberty for safety (including economic) deserve neither.” –Ben Franklin

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