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Wuhu Chinese language school: Accommodation

The school housing provided by the Wuhu Chinese language school is unbelievably cheap, costing RMB280 per week only – you have your own room, and share a common room, kitchen, toilet with other people. The school has apartments onsite in the school in the city, and those away from the school in the suburbs. My friend stayed in the apartments in the suburbs, about 10-minute taxi ride from the city, costing RMB7. The apartment is very new and spacious, my friend added.

The School offers free lunch to its teachers. If you are students, you pay RMB3 for the lunch. The School hires a cook to prepare lunch for students and teachers.

If you look for some night life in Wuhu, that will be hard. The whole city probably has only one KTV, one bar and one club. And if you want to experience some cultural things, that is even harder.

Recently the city has built a very modern shopping mall featuring some national famous brands. My friend said he was shocked that the whole shopping mall was almost empty throughout the day. The possible explanation is that the local residents still can’t afford the high price that comes with famous brands and up-scale products. On the other hand, the WalMart nearby draws many of the residents for its wide choice of low price groceries and produce.

Wuhu is not a colorful and rich China city like Shanghai or Beijing, but if you want to have a taste of the life in an average China city that is friendly and has a well-run Chinese language school, then this is it.

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I want to start by thanking this post because thanks to it, I discovered the Aston Language Centre in Wuhu to study Mandarin. I have been searching for somewhere to study Chinese in China and it was very expensive, just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a good and affordable place I came across this post. If you want to check the place I will leave you the web page because for me it was hard to find

I have been studying in Wuhu, at Aston Language Centre for 3 months now and I am now able to understand and communicate with Chinese (in a very basic level). The teachers are very good and I think must be the only Chinese that can speak good English in the whole town. Although it is still hard to understand them when they get carried away and speak fast, I manage to get the main idea. At this post you can find a good description of the advantages of studying outside the big cities . The prices in Shanghai are the same as in any other big metropolis around the world while in Wuhu I can go to the best restaurant in town and don’t spend more than 30 Rmn, I usually have dinner for 6 rmn.
Regarding the nights out, they are amazing! They have lots of KTV (don’t know which exactly because I don’t like them) and 3 very good discos; 2 in Fenix Street which is the main street for the night out in the city, they are one next to the other called “Soho” and “Number one”. There is also another aprox. 10 streets away called “1880” (“Yi Ba Ba Ling”). Altough if you want a bar, there is a student bar where all the western people usually hang out, I have no idea of the name of the bar but ask anyone here for the students bar and they will be able to guide you (it is near Aston, close to the walking street).

The westerns in town are few, we must be 30 tops considering the ones that are here working in different companies, so in just a couple of days you will meet them all. The Chinese are very friendly and they will often invite you for drinks and sometimes even another dinner after the disco (3am). The discos open at 9 pm aprox, the best time to be in them is 12 and they usually get deserted by 3am.

The accommodation is very nice; they just bought a couple of apartments intended for the new students. All the apartments have 2 big private rooms, a big shared living with furniture, kitchen and a bathroom. I was sharing mine with a Japanese student who just left. In our flat we own the last floor, there are 4 apartments and 7 foreign (1 German, 1 French, 2 British, 1 USA, 1 Argentinean, 1 Japanese) currently living here. The only thing bad about the apartment is that it has no elevator, so it sucks when you are bringing big luggage or are returning from the club.
Regarding the city, it is much bigger and beautiful than what I imagined. There is even an amazing lake in the middle of the city right next to the walking street where you can buy anything you want. There is also a very good supermarket, “Auchan” where you can find any western product (although more expensive than the local ones because of the international prices). Finally, I agree with a comment I found at this forum about the new expensive Shopping being always empty. I went once because I wanted to buy a jean and make sure it was of good quality. They have international brands and the prices are expensive, I bought my jean for 800 rmn (120U$D) which here is a FORTUNE.

I am leaving my personal gmail account just in case someone wants to contact me

nobody has commented on the very poor living conditions
that u have to live with at aston
the room r either too hot 35 plus or to cold 0 and u have to pay to have heat or ac
the quality of the so call chinese calsses r poor at best
u r also required to perform 10 hours a month of whatever
the owner want u to do
350 rmb a month will get u nothing even if there was an place to go
the free trip amounts to a day traveling to and a day returning and a night in a cheap hotel
pls look further and find some place that u can enjoy

That club is called Club 1001. You didn’t mention the “bouncing” dance floor! There are two other clubs in Wuhu now, Royal Hero and Baby Face. They’re not in the town centre though, you need a taxi to get to them.

Yep, that’s true – for the bars’ region. Unexpectedly nice stuff there.

We even visited a disco club on the main shopping shteet that stayed open until midnight – unbelievable open-mindesness!!! :-D They had 2 remarkably nice and wholly dressed show dancers to cheer up the public and, of course!, a dosen of uniformed (armed) middle-aged men, not higher than an average girl though, to keep a good eye on the merry audience. Hehe.

Wuhu’s not a bad place at all. I mean, when you’ve seen worse. ;)

The whole city probably has only one KTV, one bar and one club????

Not possible at all. I think you haven’t looked to other places.

Most Chinese young people are crazy on kara OK. There are more than 100 KTV in Wuhu include small ones. I think.

For Bar and Clud . there is a street behind walking street where is full of bars.

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