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Zhuhai, unexpectedly green

Zhuhai is unexpectely green, dotted with parks and palm trees. I once took the No.2 bus from Xiangzhou (香洲) area to Gongbei (拱北), where the border crossing between Macau and Zhuhai is, and passed, surprisingly, four parks on the way.

I ended up visiting the Haibin Park (海濱公園),along the Lovers’ Road. Palm trees and expanse of grassland with a view of the sea. Calm, and peaceful, with few visitors. 

Just across the road, is the Jingshan Park (景山公園),which attracts more visitors. It has a 6000sq meters artificial lake with some water activities on offer, children playground facilities, and more importantly, some hiking routes to the top of the mountain to have a bird’s view of the city. On the way, you can see some rock formations in their interesting shape. 

Parks in Zhuhai have no admission fee. A reason for you to love Zhuhai.

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