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IMG_0079.jpgThis’s a picture I took in Marbella, Spain 3 years ago. I roamed the streets of the city and ran into this corner, and instantly I was struck. There is something enchanting in the scene that speaks directly to my soul.

Maybe the picture can tell a lot about me. So I posted it here.

I started trotting the world when I was 20. Travelling has opened up the world to me and changed my life forever. I posted more of travelogues in Chinese, so if you can read Chinese, pls do go to my Chinese blog.

I hope through my English blog, I can open a window of viewing into Hong Kong and China, on travel, politics and things that I feel passionate about.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. I wish I could feel hope for this country, but when I see what is happening in Hong Kong, a reflection of what China is today, I can only feel despondent and to some extent hopeless about this country and this city.

  2. Hello Anna,

    An unusual encounter.

    One day I was standing near a busy Beijing rush hour intersection
    looking for a restaurant when a attractive, well dressed young lady,
    came up to me and asked if I needed any help.

    I replied that I was trying to find a place to eat and she quickly
    pointed out a nearby Mc Donald’s restaurant.

    I thanked her and complemented her on her good command of English.

    It turned out that she had degrees in accounting,
    business administration, and foreign trade from a University in
    California. She asked where I was from and, when I told her that
    I lived near Los Angeles, she said;

    “I know LA very well, you come from a wonderful place.”

    She then launched a perfect recital of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:

    “Four score and seven years ago our
    fathers brought forth on this continent,
    a new nation, conceived in Liberty,
    and dedicated to the proposition that
    all men are created equal. …

    (and on to the glorious ending)

    … that government of the people,
    by the people, for the people,
    shall not perish from the earth.”

    She paused and then added the following;

    “We in China live under a government of
    the few, by the few, for the few and
    these few have total control over the
    lives of all the rest. It is an evil system.”

    This encounter and the young lady’s unforgettable words
    indicate that China, in spite of it’s current problems,
    has the very real potential for a wonderful future.

    I know that there is a very real chance that the above will produce
    yawns and reactions of “So what!” from many of today’s Chinese.

    I am sending this to you in the hope that, if you see some value
    in these words and ideas, you will find some way to move them along.

    With best wishes, Urban Mullen

  3. thanks for letting me know.

  4. Hi! I’m travelling to HK this coming weekend and your blog helped me a lot! Thanks for a lot of usefull information.

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  6. Dear Anna,
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  7. Do you mean Huanggang by Lok Ma Chau? If yes, it is about RMB150 for taxi ride to shenzhen airport. There is taxi stand there. If you take taxi during the night time, there is extra charge.

  8. Hi Tracy, will get in touch!!

  9. Ana, did you us on our trip across China and then you let us stay at your brother’s apartment in Hong Kong? Would LOVE to get in touch. Was looking for you on the web. :)

  10. Anna –

    How long is it from Lok Ma Chau to Shenzhen airport? Cost?

    Is it easy to find a taxi?

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  13. Hi Joel, thanks so much for letting me know. Appreciate your kind words.

  14. Hi Anna,

    I just want to say that I enjoy reading your articles about the history, hikes, and food of HK, please keep it up! I frequently send links to my friends outside of HK to encourage them to visit.

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  16. sorry I don’t.

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  23. I do not work in CityU. Her argument is not convincing at all!

  24. Anna, I think you mentioned that you work in academia right? If you happen to work at City University, pay a visit to your colleague, Linda Li, and ask her if she really believes what she says in this article:


  25. You are critical to the freedom of speech in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Keep up the good ” word”.

  26. 謝謝!有心了。

  27. 版主年紀輕, 但去的地方真多, 羨幕+佩服

    文筆也好, 只是相片略少, 多post圖吧

    這Blog的版面也pale了些, 不够colourful

    anyway, 加油加油

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  29. Hi! If I ever write my own blog (which I did, but too lazy to keep it up), it will be very much like yours, as I am also into travelling and meditation. Keep up the good job!

  30. You must love flower and color too much

  31. Please help me post, I’m now in China and almost cut off connections to the outside world!


  32. I’m sad that Hong Kong will become (is already) just another Chinese city and losing it’s identity. The Hong Kong people will be (are being) over-run by mainland Chinese. The government must be smart enough to implement policies that force mainland people to play by Hong Kong’s rules and protect local citizens. Perhaps stiff penalities of breaking the law, such as Singapore has, is in order, but that is so unlike Hong Kong. I don’t know where this all leads.

  33. this is not about you its about spain!

  34. this is not about you this is about Spain!

  35. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for maintaining this interesting blog :) I especially appreciate the hiking information. The political discussions are also an interesting read.

    All the best to you!

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