China Visa

Get a China visa in Macau

If you travel to China and think about getting a China visa, consider stopping by Macau, the former Portugal colony. The city has a China Travel Service agency at the city centre, which can process a 90-day single-entry China visa for you within one day, for only HK$240 (about 24 euro). But be sure to hand in your application before 10:30am and you will get the visa at about 6pm the same day.

It is possible that you apply for a double-entry China visa in Macau. But you will have to wait until the following day, for HK$340 (about 34 euro).

Do not expect to have a half-day express service, though the agency’s website says so.

And remember that there is also a China Travel Service agency at the macau ferry pier, but it does not handle China visa applications. You must go to the one in the city centre. Bring the money and a photo, fill in a form, and you will have the visa.

Address of China Travel Services (Macau) in the city centre:

Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, nºs 223-225, Edifício Nam Kuong, 1º andar “A” e 12º andar “A”, Macau

Tel: (853) 2870 0888; Website: ( unfortunately, mostly in Chinese only)

To view the China visa web page of China Travel Services (Macau), click here.

Hong Kong is also a good place for foreigners to get a China visa, but not as good as Macau. If you go to the many China Travel Service centres across the territory for a China visa, it takes normally 3 days, and you can get a one-month visa only. You have to show that you have been to China (such as a China visa stamped on your passport) in order to get a 3-month visa.

Well, there are a lot more flights to Hong Kong from different parts of the world. It is true that it is more convenient for you to stop by Hong Kong than Macau. But going to Macau from Hong Kong is convenient (one-hour ferry journey). You can also directly leave Macau for China – there are frequent daily buses going to Guangzhou from Macau.


Get a China visa in Macau (part 2)

Macau visa

By Anna

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What is the situation now during the Covid epidemic (august 2020)? Are visas for China such as family reunion visas (S2 for 3 months for example) possible at this moment in macao? I have been for 8 months in mainland china and did not travel anywhere during this period and as i understand, therefore i can enter macao, they only require you to have a covid-test when entering).

Hongkong’s visa application center is closed at this moment so macau is an option. Appreciate any information about the current situation for china visas in Macau. thanks.

Hi,am from Tanzania
Can I get China visa in Macau while am not a Residency if yes can I get agency conctact so as she/he can presses for me

Am in need of urgent House Helper and Driver in USA. contact me if Interested along with Resume. roberthandersonhall500(@)gmail .com or andersonhall939(@) gmail .com

my name is soleye segun from nigeria i wish 2 work in china as a mechanical engineer bt i dont know how i can work it out pls help

Dear Anna,
I have just graduated from a university in China and have got the chinese government scholarship for a PhD program in another university. As my Chinese X1 visa is inspiring on July 30th, i wanted to know if i could get a x1 entry visa in Macau, because i would like to stay in China in August. I am from Ivory Coast, west africa, u can whatsapp me +8613035149381. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks you so much for everything

hai sir,
am pratheep
from india, now am in Guangzhou china, now I have only 1month single entry visa, I need to stay china more months, so give me a guide line, I mean I need a Z visa or 90days or 120days visa,
am waiting your reply…
am also using wechat / whatsapp in +86 13128874990

-hello there,i am a Cameroonian holding a one month x1 study visa in china and i wish to change to an F visa because i have just finished a G1 language studies. I will be in Macau next with and i’ll need help to change my visa status.

Hello Dear,
I’m holder of Uzbekistan passport , Can i get HK tourist visa in Macao? Should I apply for it in China consulate or Embassy?

Thank you for your help in advance.

I am currently is China but my double entries of 60days is about to end. However I was wondering if in Macau they will grant me a 90 days or 60 days double entries. I am British

Please am from guinee Conakry and we have no chinese embassy in my country.
Please I want to know if it is possible for me to get visa in Macau.

Hello im from cameroon presently in china and i wish to come to macau with the aim of getting a business visa with the support of my new employers. please any advices? how possible is that?

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Hi i am studying in beijing I want to go to Hongkong for visit how do I apply and where to apply can you help me out with the procedure

I m Nigeria I m in Guangzhou for businesse and I want to go to hong Kong for businesses can I hong Kong visa I Macau

Dear sir..!

im from india & i have L visa and i want to stay 1 more month in china.. but i did already extend my visa in beijing. but that visa will expire also on 27th nov.. so i want to stay more 1 month.. can you guide me please ..

thanks & regard.
mehraj shalla

I’m Paul from Sierra Leone, i have travel to china many times, but i wish to apply for one year china multiply visa in Macau, so i want you to tell me more information and how much it will cost me. get back to me in my e-mail

hey i am from ethiopia and i am currently live in guangzhou came to study but i got m visa from ethiopia which cant be extend to student visa here in china so i should have get F or L SO that i can have an extended student visa here in china.let me know how can i get those visa in macao.

Visa to China from Macau
Hi, I am Australian living temporarily in Guangzhou now. I have F visa recently extended for 1 month here in Guangzhou until 6th January 2014. I just need another 18 days to stay in Guangzhou (i.e. until 24th January, 2014) because of my flight to Melbourne , Australia on 2014/01/24. I have already booked and purchased my air flight ticket a month ago. Can any one help me to get my visa extended for 18 days (until 24th January 2014) or for one month? Thank you
My email: qq: 141 635 0110

hello im 18 yeat old i want yo work here macau. can i get a blue card even im only 18?

hi!i urgently need help,i am in china my visa expires on the 20 april and i need a new L visa to get it in macau,i am a Botswana citizen and would like to know if i need visa to go to macau and i also need to know the documents i should bring with me,cost to go there and the fees for the visa,your response will be much appreciated,running out of time

Hi anna .. this is dinesh here indian citizen .. i applied for china work permit.. and they given also.. but they told me to go to india for Z visa can u tell me its necessary for me to go india ,, or i can do from hongkong india consulate…

Today, I want to the Chinese consulate in Macau for applying one month Travel Visa, but I am surprised to know that they will issue only 7 days Visa, that too I need to provide outbound Air-Tickets!!! Does anyone have the same problem recently ?


Hello sir/madam
I am a Ghana passport holder with resident in china,
I came to Philippines for holiday but I missed my flight back to china I need help on
How to get china visa back to china,can i get china visa in HK or macau
please advise me on what to do


I will be heading to HK & Macau for my vacation this coming November’2011.

I will bringing along my Indonesian maid for the tour, just wanna check it out do i need to apply a VISA for her.
We only will be staying in Macau just a few days.

Hope to get the reply from u ASAP so that i can have enough time to do whatever necessary arrangement.

Thks in advance & yr co-operation are very much appreciated.



Hi,am from chad republic free visa to hong kong up to 14 days of duration of stay french country,can i get CHINA VISA at macau is jusy for two weeks business and it is first time visa to china and please let me know if my country is free visa to macau also …

I want to collect a visa for china tourist I want it to get it in Macau What to do I am from The netherlands

I’m wondering if the CTS office is open or not in saturday, because my arrival is friday and I wish I can go to china on sunday , really strict time for me…..thk u for any infos

Is it still ok to apply tourist visa tomorrow, early in the morning ? Can I also get that in the afternoon ?

hello.i am from pakistan.i have one year working chinese visa so next month finish.can i get visa one year more from chinese embassy in macou?

Hi.. I am from Philippines. I am currently in Macau and previously had 1 year F visa and went back to Philippines, there i got only 7 days visa. Any agency here in Macau who can process a short term visa? Maybe 1 to 3 months. Any information would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, I am from nigeria and my wife from china, My six month L visa will finish this month so how can i abtain china visa in macou with nigeria passport?

Hi guys, I need to get a Chinese student visa. Can I do this in Macau? Initially, I was planning on going to Hong Kong to obtain my student visa, but apparently as of April 2008, you can’t apply for one if you are not a Hong Kong resident. Does anyone know if this is the same for Macau or not?

Any help would be much appreciated. =)


hi i am biju i am in china now ….i am a student here….my friend from nepal is also with me here… he did chinese language course…. his visa is going to expire …. he have to stay here with us for atleast another 2 more months,because his parents are not there in nepal now…
now he is in guangxi….. please help me how to get the chinese visa in a week….
thank u……

Hello,i am from uzbekistan , i was china , my chinese visa expired in 12 oct,i want go to macao and get the chinese visa (F,6mouth/2times) in macao for china. can you help me ? and How much is the cost?

I am coming from india without a china visa iam landing at hongkong on 13 8 in the morning and might reach Macua at around 12 noon and staying at macua for two days ie13oct-14oct.Will i get my visa or should i get it from india and come

Hi there,

did you have to fill out the form in macau? at the China Travel Service LTD (Macau) or can i download the application form from somewhere? advice please.

many thanks

Fleide Daniel, i think you should ask the organization which employs you in china to help you with this.

Shan, i think it is hard, but you can make further inquiries with the concerned authority.

I’am in Beijing now. Holding valid indian passport but my chinese visa (F) is expiring (one year multiple entry visa) on 20th March.
Can I go to Macau and get 3/6/12 month multiple entry Chinese Visa. ( without going back to my home country (India)


I am a Brazilian citizen. I am in Beijing now. I have a Z visa and my residence permit is due to be issued in 20 days at the local security boureau. I got married recently and my wife is in Brazil now. What do I need to do in order for her to come to China to live with me? She is also Brazilian.

Thank you very much,

i live in guangzhou now, i hold an X visa for study , but i have a shurt of money, can’t pay the scolarity for this semester, so can’t extend my X visa. I am looking for a cheap way to get chinese visa ( another kind cheap) which can permit me to stay in china. Could i go to macao to get another kind a visa? how much it can cost? and which kind of visa can i get now ( i already got an X visa which expire the march 10 th)
Help me please…..

i am looking for china embassy contact address in macau.please in form me as soon as possible.thanks

Dear Madam,

Im Indonesian, and I’ve been in China for 5 months
I have hold Residence Permit as student for 6 months and it will be expired at January 31 2009
At 25 August 2008 i came to China and study Chinese in college (Shanghai International Studies University)

I’d like to stay in China for travel around China while study by myself before enter university in China
Im going to study medicine at China Medical University in September 2009
How i can get China Visa for 6 months or 10 months (because i will enter college in september 2009 and i dont want leave china before enter university) or How i can extending my china visa for 6 months or 10 months?

and in 10 january 2009 im going to Hong Kong to visit my cousin, then is it guarantee i will get china visa for coming back to China? because im afraid of get stuck there

Thank You

will be travelling to Hk via Macau by January 2009. I heard that some of the lodging or entry part. requires you to leave your’e passport to them as a security purpose. How true is that?

hi anna
im india passport holder
now in malaysia i want china duoble entry visa from malaysia can i do or not
me hv malaysia one year multiple visa
if i come macau can me apply there china visa ?
repaly me thx

Hello, Anna.
I am holdng Russian passport, temporary resident of Shanghai, China. I want to go to HK via Macau for NY 2009. I have 2 questions: do i need visa to Macao or I can get it on entering Macau? And can I get visa to HK at Macao overnight?
Thanks a lot, Anfisa

i am indian pasport holder , having rep. office in Guangzhou, China , i have get notification and medical certificate , from china govt. to aply Z visa from hong kong.
1. . is it ok for Z VISA or need any other documents ?
2.also pls. i want to know :- my family [ wife and 16 year daughter ] still on travel visa . i heard that after geting z visa from HK i can apply 90 days stay for them in China . is it ok ?
but it will take apx. 1 month process apx. , for this can they get 30 days visa to stay in China ?
3. my son is 18 years old how he can stay in China , what is the best solution ?
waiting for yr urgent reply atmy e-mail :

Willy, hong kong visa is hong kong visa, which is for entering hong kong. China visa is for entering mainland china.

for you to enter hk , you need no visa.

Hi Anna

I am an Indonesian Passport holder and I have some business to do In hongkong. My question is can I get a 90 days visa to stay in hongkong? If I can where can I apply ? I have tryed to applied in China Embassy in Indonesia but they say I need no visa since for Indonesian passport holder I can get 30 days Visa on Arrival.
Thanks in advance for your information


Hi Anna, i have currently procured a 90day L visa to go to china, i wish to know whether this visa can be extended at the PSB office in the locality where i will be staying, i will be getting married to my gf who is a Chinese national, from what i have heard this is grounds enough for me to avail the 1 year L visa for family and such. Would you be so kind as to advise me how to go about applying for such a visa and whether i can do it in china. Thanks in advance for your help

hi anna ,,and good day i would like to know if we can get chinese visa in macao and how long!!! for my girl freind and shes from filipine,,ps the last day to her to stay in china its december 5 … best regards and thx

Hi, i am indian passport holdar. my visa going to expair on next month 25 th , so i can get china visa in maco for 1 month or 3 month or 6 month i can get , pls tell me how can i get in maco…

hi, one of my friend now he is in china and he get his 7 days visa 4rm hk but he want to stay long time in shenzhen could u plz advise me how he can extent his visa 4rm shenzhen,hk ,macau or as u suggest he also has registerd office in hk so plz advise me how he can get china visa in indian passport.

I am holding a indonesian passport right now,I am curently in shanghai. my visa ends on november 26 2008. And i would like to stay longer in shanghai. I am preparing to fly over to hongkong,to apply for an L visa,for 30 days. But eventually is hard to apply there right now. Is macau able to apply the L visa for me. And what are the documents i need for the application. Please reply a.s.a.p. thank you.

hello mis/Mr anna how are u doing ?
i am come from Pakistan now in China Haining city
hello hi there nice to meet ya
i am come from pakistan now in China L visa 3 months
my wife she is korean she work in Korean LTD Comp in China
i also wana work in this Comp as korean To ENG TRS
i wana make Z visa i have all Z visa Documents ,
but pepls say to me i have to go back pakistan China Embassy
can i get Z visa from H.K are macau?
plz tell me helps me

hi i am in china now on an l visa. i want to obtain another visa a work visa but most agencies are telling me there dont do african visas. what must i do

hi all im just like to ask. how many hour if you go to china to macau? im in china now im from phillipines. what more cost of money if you go back in phil or go to macau. hope you will help me. thank you very much…. erika

hi anna,
I’m a taiwanese passport holder and i live in the Philippines. I would like to work in macau as a chef. What would be the requirements needed in applying for blue card/ working visa? and where will i get the blue card visa?

thank you :) hope to hear you soon.

Dear sir
I am australian citizen and my L visa expires in 10 days.
(1) How do I apply for business visa without having to leave the country? If I have to , is it best going to Macau to do it? and how long will it take?
(2) Also L visa, can i still get a multiple one?


im indrawatik indonesian cityzen,i can make a china visa in there,my visa finish on november 16,thanks

I am a British citizen. Where can I obtain a visa for China in Macao? Stay 10 days from 29th October. Please help! Thursday 23rd October. THANK YOU.

i am indian passport holder, with green card holder of U S A (america). currently visiting uganda , east africa. now i am planning to visit canton fair in guangzu. can i get the chiness visa from the HK or Macau.

Dear Sir/Madam,

i am from india book my ticket india to hong kong but i need to macau for touriest purpose ,is that possible to get macau touriest visa in hongkong,i know the distance is only 1 hrs by ferry ,but i am confused to get visa or not pls ,help me out


hello anna,
what is the requirements of getting married here in china?i am in xinjiang and we are planning to get marry with my girlfriend….

Dear Sir ,
Sir thanks for quickly reply .Sir you mean i go hk and contact to pak consulate ?.ok. plz let me know ,how i can get hk visa ? my location is yiwu city china .Sir is it confirm they can do best help for me?

i am pakistan passport holder , and i had z visa to shaoxin china , But i was working in yiwu city , 3 days ago i went shaoxin immegration office for extend my visa for more 6 month , but they canceld my z visa and give me another 10 days visa (requiest for leaving china within 10 days)
plz help me here i have busniess , its very difficult leave for me
please tell me how i do ?if i go maccou there can i get china visaa again

I used to teach in a school in China who helped my obtain a Z-visa…but the boos of the school was not fulfiling his part of the contract.Oneday when the school was on a 10-day holiday i left the school and never went back again and never told my boss ANYTHING…I have been travelling since because i don’t want to work again. I checked my visa with the PSB and i was told it was still valid…can it be true? because my previous boss has my expert card AND OTHERS. i’M PLANNING TO GET MARRIED SOON, WILL THAT AFFECT ME?

anna .
Along with above information, i just want to tell you that im a indian national & presently residing in india.
thank you

Hey Anna.
I have a friend in Macau. i want to visit him just for a couple of weeks . Do u i need a china visa & at the border i will get Macau temp stay visa. Or Is there any specific visa for Macau . I know i need to show letter of invitation from a friend , which is nt a big deal . If u can plz specifc what other documents do i need to submit ?.
Thanks in advance .

im from the philippines and im planning to go to hongkong for a 2 day visit, and 1 day visit to macau. do i need to get a visa to enter macau from hongkong? please reply asap… thanks!

i am a passport holder of bangladesh, but have resident permit from taiwan roc. can i get china visa from macau?

hello pls i’m a cameroonian and wish to know if i can obtain a chinese visa now in macau.Because i was told the service was stop for a while.i intend to be in china before 10 septamber 2008.pls let me know thank you!!!

Dear Anna,

I am from the Neteherlands (Holland) and have an L-visa for China that expires on Aug. 24th. I was thinking to get a new one in Macau, but I understand that during the Olympic Games this is much more difficult than it used to be. Can you update me on the possibilities? Are things different in Hongkong? Thank you!

Hi Anna,

I am from Russia and I would like to obtain a working visa in Macau. I have all necessary documents ready now. Could you please tell how long does it take to get Z visa? I plan to arrive on Thursday afternoon in Macau, will i be able to collect visa before Monday?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello Anna,
I am from the philippines and I just came here in Hk the other day and Im thinking if its possible to apply a tourist visa to the mainland in your agency. I have my sisters invitation letter and all other requirements needed. Is it possible to apply for one now?
Thanks a lot!!!!

don’t try to get a f visa in macau now – during the olympics. the better opportunity is get one from your home country.

Hi ,i am malagasy ,and i live in china for 4months , i have been renew my F visa 2 times ,and the police in the immigration says that i cannot renew third time the F visa in China ,i must leave China to renew a f new visa , and they give us an invitation visa to leave chine says ”requeted to leave China within 10 days, ”
so can i go to Macau to renew my visa ,and do the malagasy need visa for going to Macau. Or what should i do

I am a Singapore Passport Holder.

Olympic Games will be ending by 24 August 2008. Please advise if we still need to apply Visas Entry to Zhuhai on the 12 September 2008.

hi anna,
i am an indian and would like to go to china. my girlfriend is chinese and i want to get married. can i get a residence visa for china. what should i do? please advice.

Hi anna,
Im a Philippine Citizen have seen Macao about a year ago and I plan to get married there with my girl friend. Can you help me with the requirements, documents or procedures on how to get married in Macau? I have seen the sight of macao govt but most of the documents are in portugese.Any Visa requirements for that matter?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear madam/sir,
i am a nepali citizen,currently working in fairmont hotel in dubai.i like to travel in september and visit hongkong and macau my girlfriend is also ther she is working at the moment there i got a invitation latter from her already ill go first honkong then macau ill b staying for 4 days in macau then ill fly to thailand for 3 days coming back to macau so could u tell me what kind of vissa do i requried to get in macau or i dont need to get visa if u can tell me about that.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

we have been offloaded at the DMIA last June 19, 2008 because of having no invitation letter…we would like to surprise visit our friend in macau and to see the beauty of the said place…what i knew is that macau is an open country…how can we get there?please give me the requirements to accomplish in order to visit my friend there…One thing more is, there are two people who don’t have their invitation letter but they were permitted to go in macau on the same date and time…

thanks and hope for your advice…

Dear Anna,

I am a Russian citizen, currently staying in China and applying for official employment on the territory of China. Provided I have all the documents from local authorities which permit my employment, can I apply for Chinese Z visa in Macau?

Best regards,


I’m in Malaysia as of now, and want to visit Macau on Pleasure. Could you please tell me whether I need a visa before going there, or is there a visa on arrival for Indians.


Dear madam/sir,
I am vietnamese and like to travel and this summer i intend to visit macau for relaxing with friends. My friend is germany so that they dont need visa in macau, and for me i need to get visa, but in vietnam dont have macau consultation. So i ask u can i get visa macau in airport macau. and which document i bring to get visa? urgent comment. i need to book ticket soon as soon because i will come there in august.thank

Dear Madam,
am Libyan and this is my 3rd time visiting china, my main reason was my girlfriend and at this time we planned to get married so I came here but because of the new rules by the Chinese government regarding visas durations and kind, I had to come to china before I obtain the marital status from the Chinese embassy in my country although I submitted all my papers and left one of my friends to taking care of that for me and its few days after my arrival we celebrate our marriage in my wife hometown and when its time to receive the marital status certificate my friend told me that they delayed it for another 7 days but within a week my visa will expired… so, if was hoping u can help me to know if I can change my visa to study visa and if that would help me to obtain a longer visa here … an other question if I got married with a Chinese and I want to stay in china can I do that???

Thank you so much for your kindness help to all

john, theoreitcally yes. but your government consulate in HK has been trying to press the Chinese govt to give visa convenience to the UK nationals. I suggest you contact your country’s consulate in HK for advice.

Hi Anna,

I heard all about multiple entries visa stopped by China Govt. Could you please let me know is there anyway to get it and its requirement from China Govt?

Thank you and appreciate your help!

hi anna,

please could you help me? I am a UK citizen in China on a tourist visa until June 2008. After that has expired i want to go to HK/Macao chinese visa offices to apply for a (Z) working visa. I will have all of the paperwork/invitations. What i want to know is if i can still process this type of visa in either location?

Many thanks,


Hi, I’ve checked this out already, but I want to make sure if I’ve got it right before I actually hit the road. Canadian citizen/passport, planning to fly from Bangkok to Macau with no prearranged visa, apply for same-day Chinese tourist visa at an agent in Macau (probably CTS-China Travel Services), will download, print and prepare the application beforehand and arrive with money and a few passport photos. Then I’m going onward to Shanghai, probably by bus to Gungzhao and train to Shanghai, unless a ferry is an option. Just looking for the least complicated and least expensive option.
Thanks for your help!
PS Not getting Chinese visa in Bangkok because I’m outta time on my Thai visa. Thanks!

hi im in serious need of a extention of my business visa, i need another month, since i went for a job interview and they want to do my working visa for me, but i need more time while my things are in process, where must i go, and will i get an extention? im running out of time, please email me, at


Hello, I’ve heard they are no longer issuing Chinese visas in HK on the same day, Can a British citizen still get a visa on the same day in Macau?

Dear Anna,

I’m Turkish, Is there any changes for applying L visa to china these days? Because I have just informed that HK will not give visa to foreigners who is not residing or working in HK anymore

Is this policy same for Macau or not???

When I arrive to macau on 21th April, may I apply Visa to China for one month with your agent?


think you should go to the china visa office again and show your ticket, asking for longer time visa. it is not advisable to extend it in china, as your stay is so short.

Hi Anna,
I am Malaysian, already planning travel to China on July for 6 days. But recently China visa office has change the L visa from 30 days stay to 5 days for applying on July. I just wondering that can I extended my visa one more day during the applying or have to extend after arrival in China? I can’t change my flight ticket and I really don’t know what to do?

Note: Not all nationalities can use the China Travel Service in Macao. Some are required to apply directly at the People’s Republic of CHina visa office (a government building with the PRC’s emblem rather than the Macao emblem). As an American I have to apply there. I also saw many people from African countries there.

Hi Anna,
Iam a Malaysian usually for us to get multiple F Visa entry 6months is not a problem, but now it seem the visa department had change they don’t issue any multiple F Visa anymore to Malaysian, i will like to know Anna can your company do 3months or 6months Multiple F Visa????
pls advise


I want to know if Indian & Russian passport holders can get visa for macau at the macau airport if we fly in? I read somewhere that we need to get visas and many websites write that we can get visas at the airport immigration but for a fee? Can you please confirm this? Thanks a lot Anna.



Hi there and thanks for your page quite helpful i have to say.
I’d like to know how long it takes to make a F visa in Macau, considering the fact i’ll be flying from Taiwan to Macau on monday morning (11am) and fly back to China on tuesday evening. Is that enough to make it done ?
Actually, i kinda need it to be done so guess i’ll have to pray for it. ^^

Thanks a lot for your informations and help.

Bless !


Anna, I think you have misunderstood my question …. My future employer is helping me out for everything that is needed to be done in china for the Z Visa … but according to them, and according to govt. offices here we need to leave china with the visa documents and get Z visa from another country ( many people get it from HK ) … but a lot of people also told me that I dont need to leave china and I can get it from here itself ….. since I cannot go to HK ( Russian passport ) I want to know if I Can get it from macau?

Best regds… Soni

I wonder why your future employer in China is not helping you. They should know. In major china cities, there is govt office you can go to for sorting out visa issues (student visa, business visa and work visa). If they don’t know where the office is, they can enquire.

Anna, Thanks for answering me! … So you mean even after I get my work visa papers I can get my work visa from China itself? I dont need to leave the country to get one?

Nigerian, marry to chinese from hebei, but we base in guangzhou, my visa f type, when i go for extation, they require L type, How do i get L visa in macou ?

Hi there again…. Just found out on the net that russian passport holder cannot even enter Macau… so now I want to know whether if she has a good reason ( work visa ) then can she enter HK/Macau or do we need to get a visa for HK/Macau from shanghai first?

Hi Anna,

Thanks for this great service that you are offering to help people with the visa questions… really appreciate it.

I ( Indian passport ) & my wife ( Russian passport ) are in China right now on business visas… we will be getting the work permit in a couple of months or so and then have to leave china to obtain the Z-Visa … my question is that can we get it from Macau? Since my wife’s got a russian passport she cannot enter HK Without a visa and we would like to avoid making a long trip to India or some other place. Any other suggestions would be very appreciated!


Nrupesh Soni
P.S. You can email me if possible

There is no china visa service at the China-macau border. You have to enter macau. Suggest you take bus to macau from guangzhou.

Hi Anna!
My viza (F type) expires next week. I need 1 month extension, so I can apply for Z viza. Do they make extension at the China-Macau boarder, without entering Macau? At which boarder point? I’m in Guangzhou now, probably will take bus to Macau. Or through Shenzhen by ferry. Which way do you consider to be better? Thanks!

Onarej, You cannot change your tourist visa into a work or study visa, just like that, obviously. You need your new company to help get you the work visa.

Chidi mike, you need an invitation letter only if you apply for a study visa/business visa.

hi, i have a problem. im working in china for 2 yrs. and i dicided to resined bec. i found a new job in china and i use z visa for 2 yrs. But when i transfer to another city the preveous company cancelled my z visa and they transfer it into L. is it possible to change my L visa into F or Z.? Please advice, thanks

Mila, I advise that you call the china travel agent in macau (tel:853-7998117) or the china govt representative office in macau to check if it is possible.

Dear Anna,

According to new regularities you must obtain Z visa (working) not in China mainland. Can I get it in Macao? (necessary documents will be with me)

Thank you


I’m from Cameroon, I got an invitation letter from my company. My boss ask me to obtain a working visa in macau. I will be grateful if you advice me more on this.

hello there, i’m a malaysian and canadian Permenent resident, I’m coming home via china, I’m going to transit in beijing for 4 hours before take another flight home, do i needed a transit visa.

and i have a passport now. can i stay in macau for 2 or 3 months? if yes. i am able to buy my round trip ticket philippines to macau vise versa. thanks

hi! sir, i am from philippines, i would like to travel in macau, do i need a visa before i can go there? i wont go to china.. but i want to go to hongkong also…


I hold a russian passport. I have previously been on a one year student visa while studying in GZ. I would now like to continue staying here to do some business. Can i get a long term visa through ur agency in macau. ie. 1 year or 6 month multiple entry visa I think called an F visa. How much will that cost and take to process?


hi john2008, if u want to get a work visa, u must have this sorted out in mainland china, not in macau or hk.

raul, if u have already one china visa in your passport, it is always easy to get another one. should have no problem that u get one in macau.

bieke wuttke, the detail of getting a china visa is explained in my post. so i am not going into details of it. but pls be reminded that you don’t normally be given a 6 month china visa.

Hi Anna,

I’am from Cameroon, I have been in China for the past three months.
I wanted to apply for an expert permit, but failed the medical examination (siphylis). I extended the F visa I got in my country once.I got the current one in Macao, it has not yet been extended.I don’t have the means to go back to my country, what do you advise me? Can I extend my current F visa here in China and for how long at most? If yes, what is the cost? To get a work visa, I’am required to pass the health examination out of China said one of my colleagues, can I pass it in Macau after I’am cured?


This depends on if it is your first time to China. If yes, then most likely you can only have a 30-day visa, even if you apply in Macau. If you want to stay in china for half a year, you have to go in and go out and go in China again.

Im a Malaysian and I’m planning to visit my friend who is working in China next month. Im planning to stay in China for at least half a year. However in Malaysia, we can only get a 30 days visa. May I know what’s the longest duration of days for China visa i can get in Macau? I’m not working. Should get a L or F Visa? Is there any other documents except photo that i need to furnish to the officer? Please advice. Thanks.

no you cannot get the china visa at the airport. you can get it through the china travel service agent in tsim sha tsui, within a day. but don’t think you can make your flight by 6pm.

what about receiving the visa from China travelagency booth at the airport? i am currently in taiwan and it will not be feasible to go to india to get the visa and go visit China.. please suggest another alternative.

Hello, sir/ Madam

I am from Nepal and now in china as a student . I want to travel Macau. For that where can I get the visa and is it difficult to get. If I get it , for how long it will be. please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

i hold indian passport.. if i am to get chinese visa in one day at the hk airport…is it possible for me to catch a 6pm flight if i drop my application before 11 am.

Hi Cindy. Going to hong kong and taiwan won’t need a visa – well, you need a visa but you will be given one at the border – and i suppose that you hold a us or european passport.

for going to mainland china, every foreigner will need to apply for and have a china visa before they can enter the country. that means that you can’t get a visa at the border. you must have one already before you arrive at the border.

Hi Anna,

I recently am going to study in HKU and have obtained a HK visa. My friend said in order to travel to mainland China I will need a China Visa. However, my other friend that backpacked in Asia summer of 2007 said he never had a Visa, and he went to HK and Taiwan for 3 weeks. He told me you don’t need a China Visa if you stay there under a certain amount of days. Now I am confused–do I need one or not? I don’t plan on staying anywhere in China for more than a week while traveling.


Will you pls send us a address of these egency in macau where to apply a F visa.
I come from macau last week but they say that they are not giving now more than 30days visa to stay in China.. all is 30 days.
the problem is I want to stay more in China as a quality controler in one company..pls advice

Best regards,
Evelyn Mary

Dear sirs ,
I have got new empty passport (russian) .
Can i sent to your agency for get chinese visa ?

regards , Andry .


I am a Nepali citizen studying in the United States. And I am looking into Tibet as my internship possiblity in one of the projects that my Univeristy is engaged in. While I was in Nepal, I had visited Southern part of Tibet for a week or two using a pass designated for Nepali citizens. However, if I am to get an intership, I would need to spend about four months in a province near Lhasa. Would a pass work in this scenario or would I need to acquire a visa for Tibet? If I am to get a visa how do I go about acquiring one?

Thank you!

Hi Anna

I have been in China with a F visa for a few years but now cannot get China visa in China anymore. I am from Philippines. Can you help where I can get F visa or at least L visa in Macau? I plan to come next week. How long will it take to process you think?

Hi anna,

I’m holding a philippine passport, i just want to know if i still have to apply for a transit visa to shanghai, my destination is manila, i have seperate tickets that is toronto to shanghai and shanghai to manila, i will stay in the airport for 10 hrs. to wait for my flight to go to manila. Thanks and hoping you will helped me for this.

M.S.SWAMIANTHAN, you should try to apply for the China visa at US. That presumably will make your life easier. I see no reason the China embassy there won’t issue you one. In the very unlikely case that they reject your application, you can always stop by Hong Kong and get a China visa here before flying off to shanghai.

Hi Vida, I don’t think you can get a china visa at the Shanghai airport. You can try going to HK or Macau to get the visa within one day, though.


I am Indonesian citizen and i just visit China last month with tourist visa single entry that valid up to 30 days. And in the next 3 days i need go to Shanghai for business purpose that really urgent. And i don’t have enough time to apply the visa which need minimum 7 days. And i want to ask, can i have visa on arrival in Shanghai ? I plan to take flight from Kuala Lumpur direct to Shanghai.


FYI i just went through the whole process of getting the visa in macau and it was really really simple and easy; perhaps that’s because macau is smaller than hong kong. i live have lived in china for 3 years and just needed to get the L visa between jobs. Everything that the host of this forum has posted is true. in addition, though, American citizens get charged an extra 800 rmb/pataca/HKD for their visa. sweet revenge by the chinese gov, i guess, so the total price for the 1 day visa was 1050. they have a list countries and how much extra those citizens have to pay so the usa folks aren’t the only onese to get screwed…they just get screwed the hardest. i didn’t ue a service, just went to the very centrally located and non-threatening chinese gov office, the people there speak english. i guess the only difference between using CTS and going yourself is that they do the waiting for you and i assume they charge a bit more.ONE MORE THING: unless youre going at a really peak time, DON’T book your hotel from the very very helpful information booth in Macau airport bc they charge you more to get there cut..understandable maybe but… just get the free maps, info etc and then just go to the hotel yourself. most of them are off of avenida henrique in the western part of Macau, west of the Hotel & Casino Lisboa (a great central landmark). also, you can take the AP1 airport bus to the Jetfoil ferry for 3.3 pataca. so it was a pretty cheap and successful trip, good luck

I am an Indian Citizen, i would like to go to Macao for a month due to certain interviews with the hotels.
It would be kind if u can tell me about the requirement for a visa to enter Macao.
i just have 2 friends in Macao, will a letter of invitation help me to enter macao.
Also i don’t want to visit any other place in China but Macao…what should i do….
Please suggest


I’m from Albania and i have a 30 days Chinese visa.

I need an information if it is possible for me to get a Chinese visa in Macau, because i really need to stay longer (at list 2 more months) here in Shanghai.

If yes, please send me some information about what I have to do and also what kind of documents to I need for that.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

you can do that, and you can also get a China visa to go to china and then return to macau. Macau is pretty easy with the visa.


i am holding Indian passport i need to stay in macau for 4 months so how should i do every 30 days go to HK and come back to Macau? is there a such things like you can stay for 60 days 90 days with in 6months?


michelle, if you go to hong kong, you will get a hk visa at the border. you get a china visa only if you go to mainland china.

hi there,

i wonder if any of u may help. i’m going to macau in jan and will be taking the ferry to hong kong, i was wondering if i’ll need to apply for a china visa? as some of my friends said that i need to.

If you google up, you can find agencies in HK which offer visa service. They are usually located in Wanchai, where the China visa office is located. You can contact them for visa service. At least they can offer you some reliable information.


I’m from Botswana. I have just obtained my necessary documents for employment in China(Beijing). But, I couldn’t get my Z-visa because i’ve not left China mainland in the last one year. I have a one month “0” entry visa, so i need to travel to Hk or Macau and return to get my Z-Visa. Can you advice me on what to do?


hello becky, i don’t quite understand your question. if you go to china, you must get a visa before you can enter the country. you can get it in Hong kong, or in macau.


I have read your information and it has been very informative. I had a question to ask. I am a US citizen with a valid US passport. I will be traveling to Hong Kong and then on a tour of mainland China. Can I still get the Visa I need in Macau? Or will I have to get it before I get to China? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Becky

hello there!

Good day to all of you. I am from Philippines staying in china, I carry L visa and I want to see macau,at the same time get an F visa if possible. Can I get an F visa for 6 months because I cannot pursue my business if I always get L visa. What are the requirements needed? and How much? thanks, rose N.

Hello, my friend’ visa going to expire in a week, she wants to apply fore new one in Macau. Now she is in China. I wander if they allow her to enter Macau In this situation. For what she has to be ready? Second question, my busyness multiple visa ends in 2 month can I apply for new one now or should wait till it’s over? What size should be pictures? We have Russian passports, I have multiple busyness HK visa, mutiple busynes CH visa . Sincerely yours Eugene.

I want to apply for China visa (Half Year Multiple Entry Visa).
Indonesian Passport, lasted type of visa X.
Where can apply,who’s the contact person?
How long for the proccesing time (Ordinary)?
And how much the price HKD?

Thank you,

Hi Amy,

Even if you need a visa, you get it at the border. So just go.

Macau is not the same as Hong Kong, of course! Macau is very small, whoes blood life is driven by gambling business. Casinos are everywhere. But on the other hand, there are some areas preserving colonial and local history – very quaint. I can tell macau in these few words, but i can’t do the same for HK, which needs people to explore.


I am a permanent resident of the United Stated with a Chinese passport, Do I need to obtain any visa to visit Macau???? Would Macau be the same as Hong Kong???



My answer to your question is: I can’t see why you can’t get a China visa in the China embassy in India.

Also, for you to go to tibet, i think you need a tibet entry permit, on top of the China visa.


My post above said it all. Go to the China Travel Service in Macau city centre (see above for the portugese address, the chinese address is : 澳門羅理基博士大馬路南光大廈1樓 “) and apply for one. If you go in early, you can have the visa by 5-6pm the same day.

I need help in obtaining a visa to go China from Macau.
I plan to travel from Macau to Shenzen. Please let me know the easiest and fastest way to obtain visa in Macau and travel to Shenzen soon.
I am from Maldives. We have a weekly flight to Macau from Maldives by Viva Macau..

Hello, it seems you know the question perfectly so here is my question :

I want a three month china visa, six if possible, to spend most of my time in Tibet. I am actually in nepal, and apparently i can have only a 30 days visa. My question is : can i have my visa in india?

thank you very much


As a national of nepal, you will need a visa to enter macau, but you can obtain it at the border, of 30 days.

For info on which nationalities need and need not a visa to enter macau, see its government info here.

Once you are in macau, head to the Macau China Travel Service in the city centre for applying a visa to China. The address and contact details are:

Address: Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, nºs 223-225, Edifício Nam Kuong, 1º andar “A” e 12º andar “A”, Macau
  Tel:(853) 2870 0888  
  Fax:(853) 2870 6611


Dear Madam
I already been to china one time and this time I have validchinese visa but right now I am in vietnam and when i enter to china from Vietnam I am thinking to visit Maccau but I am nepali national and do I need another visa to enter maccau and is it possible to take another chinese visa in maccau if then where would please give me the exact details
sincerely yours

For the business visa, besides a passport photo and filled application form, you also need to provide the contact details (name, organsiation/company, phone no) of someone in China -a buissiness partner, represenative of a school or company or organisation.

It will cost 900rmb, and you can pick up the visa following day.

This info is very useful. I wonder if there’s a practice of applying for Chinese business (F) visas in Macau and if yes, then what documents are required and how long it takes? Thanks!

Hi Vinod, if you have a L visa already, you can apply to the local police station for extending your visa for another month. I assume that it is easier if you are in a bigger city.

When you extend your visa, you will usually need to bring with you the proof of where you stay (if you stay in a hotel, the hotel will have to write a note certifying that you are its guest; if you stay with a friend, your friend will have to show his/her residence card and address). It should’t be difficult.

Which police station to go to? It depends on where your hotel/or where your friend lives. In China, a certain police station oversees a certain area in the city and so there may be a few police stations in a city, especially in those big cities like beijing or shanghai. You need to check with your hotel/your friend which police station you should go.

You should extend your visa at least a week before your visa expires.

sir Madam
I am from India and i have L visa of china but i want to stay one more month
in china so pls guide for the same waiting for you reply

Thanks& Regard

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