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HK police acts like mainland police

A few Hong Kong police officers arrested a protester, brought him to a dark corner, and then beat him up in turn for four minutes last night.

In today’s Hong Kong, the triads are used to attack peaceful protesters and obstruct press freedom (blocking the Apple Daily from publication), and the police acts like and colludes with triads. Hong Kong police has become as notorious as the police in mainland China in its brutality in dealing with the masses.

The protester who was beat up is actually a social worker, who is even a representative in the social welfare sector to elect the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

How badly was he injured? Here’s the photo showing.

This video shows another protester was suppressed by police brutally:

This video shows police spraying a protester with pepper at very short distance:

Shame on those, especially those with privilege, siding with the CY Leung government and Beijing government to make HK sink deeper into the abyss!

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I urged everyone worldwide to pass the world to their various gov’t representatives (including multinationals and mutual funds) to persuade them to pull foreign investment from China if the CCP doesn’t change their minds with re: to Police Beatings of Ken Tsang AFTER he is arrested and handcuffed.

I also urged those working in HK to get out into the streets and join the protest, just like the social workers and dock workers. I also urge everyone in HK to STOP PATRON ANY BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE TYCOONs/BILLIONAIRES.

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