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The unbearable noise in the bus

IIt was 8am, and I was riding a bus to work. The noise belching out from the screen hanging in the front and middle of the bus compartment was so loud that even though I put on my ipod, the noise was still “noise” and it was just unbearable, especially in the early morning when I would need some quiet time and a clear mind.

This screen is part of an entertainment broadcast system common on all Hong Kong buses. Special entertainment programmes are produced just for broadcasting on the bus through this system, along with many advertisements. All the bus companies benefit, of course, from such a device. So is the private company which conceives this idea and owns the service. Who to suffer? Those having to commute on the bus and who hate noise and stupid entertainment shows.

It is hard to imagine this would happen on the tubes of London, where many commuters are seen reading newspapers, books or magazines, and the flooding of noise from advertisements and stupid shows is certainly not to happen. People will protest.

Here in Hong Kong, we keep silent, and are submerged in the noise day and night, while the bus companies and the concerned parties continue to make handsome money from the “roadshow” – the noise system they name.

I filed a complaint to the bus company and the following day, the roadshow was on as usual, and loud as usual.

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What about the bloody mobile/handy phone spam everyone witnesses these days in mainland China. To receive 18 (!) consequent short phone calls in 3 a.m. (!!) until the moment you get really mad and awake so as to dial back (yourself!!!) and to listen to some f***ng automatic message?
If you think HK bus companies are venal bustards, then recall the outrageous arrogance of the greedy mainland idiots, calling themselves people. Do you know other place in the world, where someone would do the unthinkable so as to make YOU spend YOUR money and time and dial to hear something, totally out of your interest? ? Betta no.

I truly sympathise with you. In Singapore we also have this noise blaring from the mobile TVs. We are like the HongKongites. We just try to turn a deaf ear. We are told that the bus company can collect more revenues through advertisements and thereby keep the fare as affordable as possible. So the people did not want to make noise because they are afraid that their pockets will get hurt!

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