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Experience the charisma of greatest singer of mandarin songs

Want to experience a diva’s soothing mandarin songs while sipping coffee? Here’s the opportunity. The Teresa New Life Coffee Shop just opened in Hong Kong, which was timed to memorize the 56th anniversary of the birth of Teresa Teng. Teresa Teng’s songs had been extremely popular among Chinese-speaking population, which was captivated by her unique gentle beautiful singing voice.

Even before the opening up of mainland China, Diva Teng, from Taiwan, was a phenomenon there.  She is arguably the greatest singer of mandarin songs ever. I myself was once a fan of Diva Teng.

She died of a severe asthma attack in 1995.

Here’s Diva Teng’s one of the most famous songs – the moon represents my heart

The Coffee Shop, located at the MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui station, is decorated with memorabilia, and plays videos of Teng’s performance. It serves premium coffee and organic soy cakes from Taiwan. Teng’s CDs and souvenirs are also on sale in the shop.

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