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China Visa application in Hong Kong still not easy

I think I will just update the latest scene regarding tourists getting a China visa in Hong Kong.

It was said that the regulations over getting a China visa in Hong Kong/Macau would be lax after the Beijing Olympics. The fact is that the strict regulations are still in force and will be in force in the foreseeable future. 

Here’s the latest situation I can brief you all about after making phone enquiry with the China Visa office of the China Travel Service (CTS) in Hong Kong. 

Suppose you are from India and want to travel to China via Hong Kong as a tourist. You must have an old China Visa in your passport before you can apply. What is more, you must show your return flight ticket and proof of your accommodation (such as hotel booking) in China for your application to be processed. “He or she can get only 1-15 day stay,” the CTS staff told me. 

So it is clear that all the restrictions enforced prior to the Olympics are here to stay. 

What is more, if you are not a Hong Kong resident (meaning that you don’t have a Hong Kong Identity Card), there is no way that you can apply for a multi-entry China (business) visa in Hong Kong. You can check out this information at CTS Hong Kong’s website.

For enquiries about China Visa, contact CTS Hong Kong

by telephone: (852) 2315 7188

by email:

I think applying for a China Visa in Macau would be the same.

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I don’t see any problem. Just show your flight ticket and your hotel booking when applying for China Visa in HK.

Hi, very nice website, I find it very helpful! I have a question about the China visa. I have a Chinese visa on my Canadian passport and I’m in Beijing now. I want to go to HK for a few days and then go back to China because my plane departs from Shanghai. Is it possible to apply for another Chinese visa (because I need a second entry) from HK?


From April 15, 2009 on, in Beijing newly-issued F visas can only be valid until Sep. 15, 2009. The previous 1-year F visa (with NO limitation of each stay) is NOT available again.

It is mainly because of the approaching 60th anniversary of P.R.China founding and the big celebration.

It is a new set of restrictions after Olympic games.

Regarding the flight tickets one must show. Does it count if you have a ticket that shows you leaving on say 23 of April from Hong Kong Aiport back to your homecountry? or does it have to involve a ticket OUT of China?


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