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A bridge trap

If you go sightseeing in China, look out for traps like this. the money making bridge in sanya park

This small wood bridge is in a park called Lu Hui Tou (meaning Deer Looking Back), a major tourist spot in Sanya, Hainan Province.

On the very top of the wood bridge are Chinese characters “Zou Yun”, meaning “walking luck”. Just for a bit of fun, you may be tempted to walk through the bridge in hopes of getting some luck. You can certainly do that. But after the walk, expect that some one will come up to you to ask you for money. Not much – RMB3 for walking through that one-meter long bridge.

Near the bridge lies a small sign which says RMB3 is charged because it represents harmony of heaven, earth and people.

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i heard often that you can get a visa to shenzhen at the border of lowu (after you leave HK immigration)which allows you to travel in shenzhen only. the price is HK$150. But don’t expect to purchase the visa during lunch time or in the evening. make sure it is during normal working hours. try your luck, so u can be saved the trouble of applying for a China visa.

see the Shangri-la hotel in shenzhen website about the visa:

hahahah! that’s really tricky. and what a way of making a living.
HI anna, iam travelling with my 2 year old and 61 year mother this september 20, 2009 to Hong Kong and we intend to vivit shenzhen. HOw much is the visa fee? What are the requirements? Which day is it better to visit Shenzhen? I will be traveling to Hongkong from September 20 to 25. Can you give us some advise/ Thank you so much. BTW, i am a filipino. Is it easy to get a visa from HK to Shenzhen? :) :)

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