Taxi tip for Guangzhou

I was in Guangzhou last weekend and had the opportunity to take taxi with a relative who is a Guangzhou native.  He told me a secret about Guangzhou: “We Guangzhou people only take yellow taxi. They are Guangzhou people’s taxi.” According to him, the yellow taxi company recruits only locals as taxi drivers, not those… Continue reading Taxi tip for Guangzhou

China’s high-speed trains

China has, at 8,358 kilometres, the longest high-speed rail network in the world. In December 2010, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai express rail commenced trail operation, with the travel time between the two cities reduced to 30 minutes. And the high-profile Shanghai-Beijing express rail is scheduled for operation in June. Yet, ordinary Chinese people will have to face… Continue reading China’s high-speed trains

Low cost airline for Shanghai-HK route

Mainland China’s low cost airline Spring Air will launch its service between Hong Kong and Shanghai starting 28 September. If you want to find cheap tickets for the route as well as China’s domestic flights, check out its website ( To mark the new service, the airline offers the unbeatable price of HK$199 (US$26) for… Continue reading Low cost airline for Shanghai-HK route

China’s first web-based online travel agency

If you want to buy air tickets for the Greater China region, check out this website It claims to be China’s only web-based online travel agency. You can book flights departing from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, with instant booking and confirmation. This looks like a real convenience for travelers to China. Currently, China’s… Continue reading China’s first web-based online travel agency