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Swine flu check on flight

If you fly in to China, this may be what you will encounter:

After a flight lands on an airport in China, two guys in white medical uniform will board the flight. The first guy will walk through the corridor and take photos of the passengers. This is followed by the second guy who holds a laser machine to check the temperature of each passenger.

Well, at least this is what has happened to me when I took a Southern China airline flight to Sanya, Hainan province, from Hong Kong just days ago.

These are the precautions taken by the Chinese authority for containing the swine flu, as you may have guessed. And I guess the first guy taking photos of passengers is for keeping a record so that in the case of one passenger later is identified to have caught swine flu, those sitting next to him or her would be able to be identified and traced down.

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I arrived into Beijing on Thursday. They told us to get off the plane. Then as we were lined up they said sit back down in our seats for the inspection. A couple of minutes later we were allowed to get off (without the inspection), and walked through a series of temperature and form checks. No scary men for me. :)

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