HK-Shenzhen Transport

Train Transport: Hong Kong to Shenzhen

The easiest and fastest way to travel to Shenzhen from Hong Kong is by taking the train operated by Hong Kong MTR.

There are a few train lines, such as Ma On Shan Line, Island Line, Kwun Tong Line, East Rail Line and West Rail line. The one that goes to Shenzhen is East Rail Line. Lowu is the station that you should aim at, the last of the rail line.  After getting off at the Lowu station, the Hong Kong immigration counters is just a stone’s throw away. Then you proceed to the immigration counters of Shenzhen, which is about a bridge away.

The East Rail train is very frequent, one every 2-3 minutes. Use this search at the MTR website. The search result will tell you how long the journey time will be, and how to transfer from one line to another in order to reach your destination. You will be shown the train fare as well.

Also at the end of  the East Rail Line is Lok Ma Chau station, which allows you to cross border to the Futian Port at the Shenzhen side. This border crossing is only one year old, used by much fewer people than the Lowu crossing. You will need to transfer at the Sheung Shui station, the second last station of the East Rail Line, so as to broad the train to Lok Ma Chau station, or take the East Rail train whose destination is Lok Ma Chau station.

See my previous post about the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line – Fu Tian Port Crossing.

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The easiest way to go to shenzhen is taking the MTR train to Lowu, from there you can connect to underground train system in Shenzhen.

Hey Anna i am going Hong Kong 1 December. I want to go Shenzhen, please suggest me what is good for us fair By MTR or Bus or Farry

Kindly advise us on the best route via train to Shenzen from the Asia fruit logistica in Hongkong.
Duration and the cost.


Hello adm
I am Pakistani passport Holder, i am planing to go from My Zheng zhou Medical school China to Chinese Councelar (Embassy or Ambassdor) of Hong Kong to Replace my Chinese Visa M (Conffrence & Meeting) to Visa X (Study) at Hong Kong Instead of Pakistan, I am Pretty sure it will be very cheap for me ,
Kindly some one simply share the Information ” how to get First Hong Kong visa and where i should get & Cost “?
Second ” to Replace my M Visa to X in Hong Kong, Is it cheaper way, Am i possibly do it by myself ”

Stay Blessed Anam

the best way is taking a bus from the airport but if you arrive late at the airport, then you may need to use public transport such as train.

Please advice me the of mode of transport available from Hongkong Airport to Shenzhen

Dear Anna,
I will be reach Hong Kong on september 1 week. I want to go to Shenzhen. can we go hongkong to shenzhen directly??
can we need VISA because we have visa india to hongkong.but can we direct travel hongkong to shenzhen.??
I am Indian what visa will be required to me. My stay will be for 4 day in Shenzhen. Please advise


How to go from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by train? We will be at Tsim Sha Shui area.. How long will the train take to go to Lou Hu Station?

Hi, can any 1 please tell me the best way to Hong-kong from Shenzhen train station(main).
i’ll be arriving shenzhen on nov/22/2012. i have 6 months multiple “F” visa. After each 30 day’s stay in yiwu (zhejiang) i have to move out , so with this same visa can i go to Hongkong.

Me alongwith another audit official from Bangladesh is scheduled to visit Shenzhen via Hongkong from 10-14 December 2012.I would like to know the train schedule from Hongkong to Shenzhen on 10 December morning and from Shenzhen to Hongkong on 14 December 2012.
Best regards.

Our flight arrives to Hong Kong International Airport at 21h05 from Dubai.

Maybe it is too late to reach the last Ferry to Shenzhen (we stay in Nashan district).

Please, what is the fastest way to get to Shenzhen at these late hours?

I am a Malaysian,
Can I apply a temporary Visa to enter Shenzhen at the HK / Lo Wu?

From Kowloon by MRT. Which station and the easiest way .

Hi Anna, I will be arriving in Hong Kong International on 19th of Oct 2012 at 7:45PM from Penang, Malaysia

What is the easiest way to get to the after Lowu border to
Sunon Holiday Villa

Can you help me? I would be greatly appreciated

i am in shenzhen i do like go to hong kong fair please let me know where i get train ?

from Hong Kong Disneyland to Nanshan District, Shenzhen
4 adults (age 40-65) and 3 children (age 4 to 9)
31 May 2012
time leave Hong Kong Disneyland 3-4pm

no doubt take the HK MTR from Lo Wu. just cross the border at Lo Wu. The last station is Hung Hom. Causeway Bay is just a tunnel away. Just take taxis to reach Causeway Bay.

We are taking a train from Shanghai to Shenzen to get over to Hong Kong – Causeway Bay. There will be 5 of us and quite a bit of luggage. What’s the best way to get from the Shenzen train station to Hong Kong??

hi,me Dhaval from india.i’m planning to visit to Hongkong and from there shenzhen,guangdong.can anybody suggest me what is the time of hk to shenzhen train and how will it’s cost to me ?will i need shenzhen visa if i have Chinese tourist visa? Thanks.

i need some helps
im a student from xian,i will be going to travel to hong kong via shenzhen by train from xian
the problem is do i need to get any visa for the hong kong entry since i already have chinese student visa… and if i need to get the visa then how? and how much it will cost me? and how could i go to the hong kong entrance from the shenzhen train station n to do the visa things?

sorry don’t really know your question. but it is sure that border crossing is extremely crowded and slow during chinese new year. just avoid it. not wise that you travel during this period.
train to shenzhen is frequent and fare is low. about HK$20.

2 of us are travelling to hong kong and then flying to kunming from shenzhen, We are arriving at hong kong on the jan 21st at 5pm… we don’t think we will make the last shenzhen flight to kunming as it is chinese new year and we are told delays are highly likely. Do you think its best we fly to kunming the morning of the 22nd and get the first flight out of shenzhen?

What trains do we need to get from hong kong to shenzhen? and how much does it cost?
many thanks in advance

it is possible. you can use huanggang border which is 24 hrs. or lowu border, which i think is open at 6:30am. but pls check. it depends on where you will stay in shenzhen right? but mind you that you need a china visa or shenzhen visa to go to shenzhen. so at the end you may not have saved much by staying in shenzhen.

Hi Anna
I reach HK on 16th afternoon. I plan to stay in shenzhen on 16th since the hotels in HK are extremely expensive now. I have a flight to take at 10.30am from HK on 17th. Is it possible to get to HK on time to catch theflight if I stay in shenzhen. When is the earliest transportation that connects direct from shenzhen to HK airport. RThanks

hi, i’ll be in shenzhen on 23rd of January. staying there for 1 night. and travel to hong kong next day. as the price for the hotel increase up to 250%, i plan to stay to travel from Shenzhen to Hong kong for 2 conservative days. what time is the last train from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Shenzhen? how about the Lowu/Lohu border – does it open 24 hrs? thanks

i will be in HK at 10;10 at11 dec 2011 to HKG, terminal 1 what way is easy and cheap to get to shenzhen pls. let me know and how much does it cost me.
my best regards

Hey anna,I’m arriving at HK airport at 10.15pm on the CNY, is it possible for me to take the MRT and cross the border to ShenZhen in time? Thanks!!^^

I will be arriving in Hong Kong International on 23rd of December at 8:45PM from Minnesota in the U.S.
What is the easiest way to get to the
Sunon Holiday Villa

On departure from Shenzhen I will be flying out of Hong Kong International and the flight is at 8:00 in the morning on the 1st of January.

Can you help me? I would be greatly appreciated

My wife is pregnant, and we will be landed HK on early morning. We planned to go Shenzhen from the airport, what transportation of mode will be comfortable for her, hope you could recommendation us. Thank you.

My wife is traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Bay. She is staying at Tsuen Wah Street, Tsuen Wan. Can anyone tell me where she will catch the train and what lines she needs to take to get to Shenzhen Bay. Thanks for the help

I want to travel from the UK to Hong Kong and then onto Shenzen and Beiging – returning from Beijing to the UK
Can I do this on a single entry Tourist Visa ?

hey guys that was very useful informations for me
iam going soon to shenzhen via hong kong,you answered all my questions ,thank and good luck for every body here

Kat, no worries. just hop on the train from tsim sha tsui station, and follow the MTR train map to transfer to the East Rail Line which will bring you to lowu. ask at the reception of your hotel if you have questions. there are trains every 2-5 minutes. no need to worry. the lowu border closes at midnight.

but maybe you need to to get a shenzhen visa, if you don’t have a china tourist visa already.

Sept is still quite hot here. maybe october onward is better. but do avoid the chinese holiday such as the Golden Week in October (first week of Oct).

Hi, my family and I would like to visit HK, Shenzen and Guang Zhou, is the month of Sept great time to travel? We don’t like peak season and too crowded with people.

Hi, I’ll be travelling to hongkong on Sept and staying at kimberly hotel and would like to travel up to shenzhen for a free and easy day trip, may I know whether can I take a train ride from my stay: the name of the train station in hongkong and name of the train station in shenzhen and also the duration for the journey and what time do I need to leave shenzhen for hongkong at night.

there is bus going to shenzhen from HK airport. you can check out other posts on this website. use the search function. arrival at 7:30pm is not a problem.


My flight arrives in Hong Kong around 7:30pm. I already have a multi-entry Chinese Visa.
I have 2 questions.
How late do the trains run to Shenzhen?
How do I get to the train from the HKG airport?

it is very convenient and fast to travel to shenzhen. the train ride from hung hum (kowloon) to lowu is about 45 minutes.

my son will be living in hong kong starting soon. we want to visit him but the only place that has time shares is shenzhen. if they live in central hong kong how long is the train ride to shenzhen since we will want to do it every day for a week?

I will be reaching 21:15 to Hong Kong on 16th april 2011. I want to go to Shanzen Convention Center in Futian Distric. I am Indian what visa will be required to me. My stay will be for 4 day in Shanzen. Please advise


Mohammed ali

i am a pakistani i am travelling to shenzhen my flight lands in hong kong at 9 pm can you advice how i will take the traing from hk to shenzhen. and one more thing do i need visa for hongkong to go to shenzhen i have china visa

Dear M./Ms.
I want to go Schenzen through Hong KOng .At first how long it takes By train.and second i`m Iranian and the Visa for Hong kong is necessary or just by china visa i can pass the hong kong.
Thanks In Advance.


I m going to hongkong from cebu (Philippines)
and from hongkong i m goin to shenzhen and from shenzhen to quindao
can anybody help me how to travel from hongkong int. airport to shenzhen airport?
please tell me the easiest, cheapest, n fastest ways….



every five minutes there is a train to lowu or lok ma chau. you won’t be able to find a train schedule. the service is very frequent.

Hello Sir,
I would like to trevel on 5th octo morning hongkong to shenzhen and from shenzhen to hingkong 7th morning to catch my flight back to india and i dont have visa for cihina plese guide me for that
my hotel is book in shenzhen.

Hi all,
I took the bus from Kowloon airport express station to Shenzhen airport. Worked well–1.5 hours, 100 hong kong dollars.

Does anyone know if there is a similar direct, fast bus from Shenzhen airport to hong kong airport? My flight gets into Shenzhen at noon from shanghai, and I have another flight (international) that leaves from hong kong airport at five pm same day. Any suggestions?


Jason, it depends on where in shenzhen you want to go, but there is ferry going to shenzhen from the hong kong airport. use the search function of this blog to find out more, or go to the hong kong airport website for more information.

thanks everyone for your contribution especially huey – that was so informative
travelling to hong kong then to shenzhen then catch a flight to shanghai
in the coming week

coming in from a small place like the fiji islands,
china is a whole big place

what left now is finding a place to stay in shenzhen
then ways to get to the airport

Hi there. Appreciate any tips on going to Shenzhen from HKG. My wife and I are arriving in HKG int’l airport next week, then plan to take the train directly to Shenzhen. From the MTR’s website, it seems that we’ll have quite a lot of transfers to Lo Wu station and beyond. Any way to streamline this?

Hi Friens,
I am want to visit medical exhibition in Shenzhen.
I want to fly from Hyderabad to HongKong and then to Shenzhen by train.
Pls give me some information like train ticketing, trains to change. travel time etc.
where should the immigration check clears

Hi all,

Just sitting in Shenzhen airport right now and while I found the stuff I found on the web very informative re: getting from HK to Shenzhen via train, I found it wanting when referring to timelines.

I left Hong Kong Central train station this morning and paid for a one way ticket to Lo Wu (the end of the line stop on the border to China) and that cost me 41.50 HKD. The trip took about 1 hr and 10 minutes and requires you to change trains twice. Allow an extra 10 minutes for each change, as while lines are quite close, the signage on the HK subways is extremely poor when compared to Beijing or Shanghai.

After arriving in Lo Wu you are virtually in Shenzhen/China, however you should allow yourself 30-45 minutes to “leave HK” and “enter China”….that is fill out the necessary departure and arrival paperwork/cards and clear immigration on each side of “the fence”.

Once exiting into the Shenzhen/China side and if you want to or plan on getting to Shenzhen airport, be prepared to be immediately accosted by “taxi drivers” (actually freelance drivers looking for the unsuspecting or needy foreigners) who will offer you a ride to the airport for 300 RMB. Myself, I gladly took this option as I was running late and could not afford to wait for or find a real taxi.

Time from the Lo Wu/Shenzhen border crossing to Shenzhen airport is approximately 1 hr, however we were able to accomplish this in about 40 minutes today.

In all, from HK Central station, I would allow your self 4 hrs in total to arrive at Shenzhen airport.

Cheers and happy travelling.


Hello Dear,
I am from mumabi india and want to go Hong Kong in next week and from there to Shenzan by train, so please if anybody can tell me how and the easy way to go shenzan

Thank you

We are group of ten, will travel to Shenzhen on the forthcoming month. We will stay at Best Western Hotel, Lowu. Appreciate if anybody can tell me how and the easy way go to HongKong but not Kowloon.

Vivian Chen

I am going soon to ShenZhen from HK, thank you for sharing these useful information!!

Hi all…
any airlines flight from hongkong to shenzhen ?
or from shenzhen to hongkong ?
if yes,what the name of that airlines ?
thx before for the answer !

Hi All…
I’m going to HK Disneyland from Shenzhen and will get back to Guangzhou from HK.
Any advise about the cheap way how to get to HK Disneyland and get back to guangzhou, please?
Many thanks in advance..

if you stay in lowu area, here’s the easiest way to go to hk airport. take the train at lowu to hk. that would be hk’s east rail line. get off at the first stop – shueng shui station. take exit B2, and you will arrive at the shueng shui bus terminus. then take A43 airport bus. it takes about 1 hour to get to the airport. the bus is every 15-30 minutes.

see my post:

HI, I have read your comments to travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong International airport.
I will visit Shenzhen in June and want to try and return directly to Hong Kong International Airport for my return flight. I will stay in the Luo Lu area in Shenzhen. Where can I get the information to catch the direct bus service to Hong Kong airport???

kind regards


To Eva: there seems to be a direct bus from Shenzhen to Hongkong airport but i’m not very sure (i know for sure- there is direct bus from hongkong to Shenzhen airport.)

Otherwise you may cross Chinese/Hongkong border through Lou hu/Lo Wu (they are the same: the chinese side is called Lou hu, hong kong side of the border is Lo Wu). And then from Lo wu you can catch underground metro to hongkong airport. That’s not difficult, quite easy. Take care

can u tell me how to get terminal hongkong to shenzhen by train? how i know i’ll already finish to hongkong terminal?
thanks before

I’m going to Hong Kong Airport from Shenzhen bus station station. May I know how to get there and how long? Thanks a lot.

Hey, I’m trying to get to HK Disneyland from Shenzhen airport with my children. Do you have any reccommendations or specific directions on how I should go about doing so?

Thanks :)

the easiest way would be for you to take the coach at the hong kong airport directly to shenzhen. pls see my latest post:

but you arrive at hk airport at about 10pm. you will have missed the last bus.

on the other hand, the transfer using MTR won’t be difficult, because since early this year, all the train service is under one company and all the stations are linked – you buy one ticket and you can go to any of the stations without going out of the station. And you can be assured that there is clear indication and route map in each station – in case you get lost, just ask the staff.

Anna, I posted last question. After that, I read your earlier recommendations suggesting that I should take the airport express to central, transfer to the red line, then transfer to the blue line. From the map, it seems that the transfer may not be easy between the airport express to the red line since I may have to get out of the station. Could you please recommend the easiest route to get to Shenzhen at midnight from Hong Kong Airport? If train is the easiest, please let me know the name of the stations to transfer. Thank you very much again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

YOur comment is the most helpful one. Thank you very much. I arrive in Hong Kong Via Tokyo at 10:15pm. I want to go to Shenzhen directly. What train should I take from the Airport to the Lok Ma Chau border crossing point (since it’s 24 hours)? Thank you very much. I really appreciate your advice. Cheers,

Please let me know if possible to get visa to China from LowWho Station Shenzhen, it use to OK before April 2008. I have Polish passport. I am married to Chinese Mailand wife, I went to Europ for a trip and the rules are changes. If travel agency can issue a visa in Hong kong

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