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The awarded cities in China

In a recent national survey, five cities in China are awarded for their distinct quality. If you are considering a visit to China and thinking about which cities to go, the survey result may be of some reference.

Dalian (大連): the most polite/civilized city

(This is true, speaking from my own experience. Dalian is probably the only China city where residents will queue up at the bus stop and do not spit on the street. The city is amazingly clean compared to other China cities.)

Shenzhen (深圳): the fastest developing city
(Evidenced by the city’s GDP growth statistics)

Tianjin (天津): the safest city (measured by residents’ feeling)
(Yeah,Tianjin is safe.)

Changsha (長沙): the most entertaining city
(Changsha’s provincial TV station has produced China’s first of its kind entertainment show – the American Idol China version, hence earning the city the award.)

Changchun (長春): the most humane city
(Changchun sounds nice, but I’ve never been there. Too cold in the winter.)

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