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Train Stations Dongguan and Guangzhou

If you travel to China, and if you depart from Hong Kong or Macau, it is likely that you will use the train station in Guangzhou, or Dongguan in southern China. Note that, these two cities have two train stations, both with the newer one at the eastern part of the city, called Guangzhou East Station and Dongguan East Station respectively. 

The original and old stations in the cities are simply called Guangzhou Station and Dongguan Station. As mentioned in my previous post, do pay attention to which station you will land at or get to. Otherwise, you will have big troubles, especially when you are catching a train.  

The two train stations in Dongguan are near, with 10 minute taxi ride between each other. But in Guangzhou, the two train stations are rather apart. Fortunately, at both stations, there are metro stops. You can easily go from one to the other.  

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One reply on “Train Stations Dongguan and Guangzhou”

I have a business trip in Qin Xi town, Dongguan. I hope you can assist me with my questions:

1. What is the best hotel accessible/ near to my place of work (Qin Xi)?
2. I am considering to stay Ascott, Guanzhou (Address: No 73 Tianhe Dong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510630, China)— is this far from Qin Xi? how long travel? what means of transportation? how do I get to Qin Xi from here?
3. Undecided of where to stay; how do I get to (a) Guanzhou from hongkong and (b) Qin Xi town, Dongguan from Hong Kong? Which is faster: by bus or by train?
4. My flight is arriving Hong Kong at 9pm, is there still a transpo to either Guanzhou or Dongguan?
5. If none, where is best/ practical place/ hotel to stay in Hong Kong that will be accessible to the stations (train or bus) going to (a) Guanzhou and (b) Dongguan? Please note that I intend to leave early morning on Nov. 29.
6. Please give me estimate cost of the fare/s.

I hope you can help me on this.

Best Regards,

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