HK-Zhuhai Transport

Transport between HK and Zhuhai

The easiest way to go between Hong Kong and Zhuhai is take the ferry. There are two terminals to board the ferry in Hong Kong, the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, and the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The ferry departs every hour, from Sheuang Wan and from Tsim Sha Tsui alternately. 

From HK-Macau Ferry Terminal: 08:40 10:30 12:30 14:30 16:3018:00 19:30 21:30

From China Ferry Terminal: 07:30 08:30 09:30 11:30 13:3015:30 17:30 19:00 * (*more than 1 stop)

From Zhuhai Jiuzhou Pier to China Ferry Terminal:  08:00 10:00 11:45 14:00 16:0017:00 17:30 18:30

From Zhuhai Jiuzhou Pier to HK-Macau Ferry Terminal: 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 16:3018:00 19:30 20:30 21:30

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Price: HK$180/RMB170

No need to buy ticket in advance. There will always be seats.

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Don’t believe the ‘there will always be seats’ part. This is not true. I had a nightmare journey to Zhuhai via Macau as there were no seats for the remaining ferries. This was on a Friday night before a race weekend at Zhuhai International Circuit. Advise to book ahead when this is on like this weekend!

Need to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Zhuhai after arrival at 9 pm. Noted no Ferry at that late hour. Any bus at that hour?

I will be in Gongbei, Zhuhai to meet a friend on Oct 27. Overnight in Gongbei ( hotel suggestion please ? ) and i wish to leave for HK on Oct 28, so i can get into Hk by about 3pm. Please advise whether i should take the ferry to the China Ferry terminal if i wish to go to Mongkok/TST or the other ferry terminal ?
Also, if i was staying near North Point, which ferry terminal in HK would be better to arrive at ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Where is the best and closest place to stay near Gong Bei boarder?
In zhu hai?
Also how can I get a taxi driver in Zhu hai to take me to Guang dong yang Zhang?need a number/contact.urgently thanks.

I am Travelling to Zhu Hai to meet my Husband who is coming from Shen Zhen on the 6-3-17.
Can you advise where should we meet so as not to miss each other when I reach the ferry point.

I need to go from Zhuhai to Hong Kong, Kowloon. Am I supposed to buy ferry ticket from Jiuzhou to China ferry terminal ? Is Chu Kong passenger transportation the only transportation company that provide ferry service from Zhuhai to Hong KOng ? Is it advisable to purchase ferry tickets before hand to avoid shortage of seats ? Appreciate your advice. thanks

Can you please tell me how to get the Hong Kong ferry tickets to Zhuhai on line? I need the ticket to get a visa to China. Many thanks and much appreciated.

dear sir,

Pls guide me how to go to zhuhai from hong kong airport , i m travelling on 9th afternoon


Hi, I’m staying at a hotel just next to gongbei border. Is there a bus to take from the border to macau outer ferry terminal at 7:30 am?

Hello, i will be in Zhu Hai for 4 days. Can you advise me step by step how i can go from Zhuhai (Nanyang Seascape Hotel) to Hong Kong Worldwide Plaza ( Central) ? Thank you very much.

hi, what is the distance from macau ferry terminal to zhuhai guangdong,and hotel venetian macau.?
can I stay at zhuhai to visit to macau?I hope Its not very far.please advice me.

Will be going to HK (5days 4 night), reaching first on Hongkong & intend to have a SHORT visit to Macau & Zhuhai as well. Was having problem planning the itinerary, would you advice on..
1. Should I plan straight to HK –> Macau –>Zhuhai –> HK or HK –> Zhuhai –> Macau –> HK? Can i finish Macau in half a day & proceed to Zhuhai, as i understand Macau was a small place & can finish in half a day if we’re not there gamble. Probably can stay a night in Zhuhai after Macau before back to HK.
2. Can you recommend a few famous place to go & things to do in the 3 places?
i. Hong Kong
ii. Macau (a place for sight-seeing?)
iii. Zhuhai (hear more shopping? where?)
3. where can we stay in Zhuhai?
4. Where can i find any service apartment with 2 rooms in Hong Kong & Zhuhai?
5. What is the currency used in the 3 places?
6. Does Singaporean need any permit to enter Macau & Zhuhai?
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

I am singaporean flying into MIA on 30th Nov 2011. Will stay a nite in Macau then proceed to Gongbei Zhuhai for 3 nites. Do I need visa for more than 3 days? Pls advise fm Gongbei which is the nearest ferry terminal to go to HKG and back? Please advise the ferry schedules for both ways. Can I take a bus/ferry to the MIA from Gongbei? Or advise which is more convenient way as there will be luggages to lug around for 2 pax.
Thanks, awaiting your asap reply.

the most convenient way is take ferry direct from hong kong international airport. there are four ferries going to zhuhai per day, from noon time onward. pls check hk airport’s website to find out more.

I’ll be travelling to ZHUHAI from HONG KONG. Travelling for the first time. How can I reach ZHUHAI from HONGKONG through ferry? Pls. give me detailed information.

1) there is bus going there
2) going from macau to hong kong via ferry is more convenient. and the easiest way to go to HK from zhuhai is by ferry, in my opinion.

Hi We are planning to go to Zhuhai from Macau then to Hongkong. Need your advice on the following:

1)Beside, taking taxi from Macau Airport to Gongbei, is there other transport we can go to Gongbei?

2)From Zhuhai to Hong Kong is more convenient or From Macau to Hong Kong is more convenient? Via ferry better or via coach?Zhuhai Which is the easiest way to go to Hongkong,kowloon from Zhuhai? and How?

Would appreciate your reply.

Thank you & Regards

Dear Anna
Good to ‘talk’ again!
However, today, if you click on ‘jacqueline’ as in ‘transport to Zhuhai…’, you will get to the ETSI website, nothing to do with jacqueline, I presume. So, more tweaking is required?!

Hi Peter, thanks for alerting me. that is really helpful. i’ve changed some setting. it should work now. thanks again!

Hi Anna: I have noticed that the new format for “Recent Comments” are not connected correctly to the content. For example: the top item today is “jacqueline on Transport between HK and Zhuhai”, yet clicking on that item shows nothing by/on Jacqueline. I’ve noticed the same on other items.


To Stephen Kwan ‘s attention;

Thanks for the tip.

Could you please give us the schedule from HKG airport to Zhuhai and back?

Would be very nice…

Responding to anna’s comment, the traveler can take a direct ferry from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai. Need not go to Sheung Wan to take ferry.

I see, and from Airport train station, to east Tsim Sha Tsui Station, what is the duration of the journey?

Thanks :)

The walking distance is about 10 minutes. Use the Kowloon Park exit.

The cost for a single-way ticket is no more than 200hkd.

Hi, there is a ferry pier at Tsim Sha Tsui that ferry to Zhu Hai ? I just want to know how far is the walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui Mrt Station to the ferry terminal? And what is the cost for it to zhu hai? Thanks.

you can take the airport express rail to Central, from where you change trains to Sheung Wan. One of the exits of the Sheung Wan MTR station goes direct to the Shun Tak Ferry Terminal from where you can take ferry to Zhuhai. Or you can check if there is bus going to Zhuhai from the airport coach station. Just ask at the service counter of Hong Kong airport.

I am scheduled to arrive at the HK international airport at 17:10 in the afternoon, what is the most efficient way to connect to Zhuhai from the airport? I was told that I would miss the last ferry of the day that travels to Zhuhai from the airport.

How long does the journey take? From Zhuhai, the ferry is not Turbo Jet or Cotai jet right? Would it be faster to go from Macau to HK instead of Zhuhai to HK? However, I am staying at the Gongbei border in Zhuhai.


Thanks Anna.
If I visit Guangzhou instead, what do you think..? Is it too much of travelling…etc
I am still considering between GZ and Zhuhai…

I will be visiting HK and tot of visiting Zhuhai as well. Hv nt been there before..any advise hw many days shld we spend there? 1..2 days?

Thank you in advance.

the easiest way is go to the sheung wan ferry terminal to take ferry to zhuhai. the ferry service is very frequent. just go there and buy tickets and get on board. of course, before embarking, you will go through the immigration first. the ticket counter for zhuhai ferry is on the same floor as that for macau ferry. just follow the signs in the terminal and it will not be difficult for you to locate the counter.

i will be visiting hongkong for 6 days with my husband. can u advise me the step on how i can go to zhuhai from hongkong? we wish to spend a day at zhuhai and then we going to macau aslo
please reply me A.S.A.p…



We are plaining from zhuhai gonbei to hongkong kowloon on 25/12/2009 morning,& on 26/12/2009 noontime from hongkong kowloon back to macau.
please advise where to buy the ferry ticket in advance to prevent the crowd of the dec holiday for both area.

Hope to received your advise ASAP.

Thank you & regads

Thanks Anna & all, appreciate your feedback and advice. Have a nice day and thanks again.

Thanks to all. Appreciate your feedback and advice. Have a nice day and thanks again 1

go to the ferry terminal, either the one in tsim sha tsui, or the one in sheung wan. there are signs showing you where to buy tickets. buy the tickets and go through the ticket turnstile, and then queue up for immigration, and board the ferry. after the ferry, you go through the immigration at the China side.

I wil be visiting Hong Kong for 4 days with my wife. Can you advise me step by step on how I can go to Zhuhai from Hong Kong? We wish to spend a day in Zhu hai anbd return back to Hong Kong. Thank you very much.

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