HK-Shenzhen Transport

3-way transport: Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen

There are three transport options for going from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen.

1. By ferry
Please see my previous post here.

2. By bus to Huanggang
There is bus service to Huanggang from the Coach Station in Hong Kong International Airport’s Terminal 2. Huanggang is one of the important border crossings between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. At Huanggang, you can simply take a taxi to your destination in Shenzhen. For more details, check out here.

3. By bus and MTR to Lowu
If you want to go from Hong Kong International Airport to Lowu, another important border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, you can take the airport bus No A43 to get off at Sheung Shui Railway Station stop and transfer to MTR train. Sheung Shui MTR station is only one stop away from Lowu MTR station, from where you will go through the immigration and customs clearing. See my previous post here.

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Ferry to/from HK airport

If you come to Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport and are en route to Pearl River Delta cities, or vice versa, do consider using the SkyPier at the airport.

The pier, soft-opened in December 2009, is a cross-bounder ferry terminal situated at the eastern tip of the airport island. The airport’s Automated People Mover system has extended to the pier, resulting in only 4-minute travel time to Terminal 1. There are 20 airline check-in desks and five security screening channels inside the ferry terminal.

The SkyPier has ferry going to/from Shenzhen’s Shekou (40 minutes), Shenzhen Airport (45 minutes), Dongguan (Humen)(1 hr 20 minutes), Zhongshan (1 hr 10 minutes), Zhuhai (50 minutes) and Macau (50 minutes).

For ferry schedule and more information, check out here.

HK-Shenzhen Transport

Direct Bus: Kowloon to Huanggang, Shenzhen

Besides the direct bus service from Wanchai to Huanggang, Shenzhen, there is service from Jordan, Kowloon to Huanggang as well.

This is 24 hour bus service, taking about 40 minutes one journey. It runs every 10 to 15 minutes during peak hours, ever 15-20 minutes in non-peak hours, and every 30-60 minutes during the night time.

Bus fare:

Kowloon Terminal is located at 8 Austin Road, Hong Kong Scout Centre (Exit C of Jordan MTR station).

You can find the maps and more information here.

HK-Shenzhen Transport

Direct bus: Wanchai to Huanggang, Shenzhen

There is direct bus service from Wanchai to Huanggang, and vice versa. The advantage of this bus service is that it operates day and night, with very frequent bus service during the day. You can get on the bus almost any time of the day.

Please note that passengers going to Huanggang have to carry all their luggage off the bus at the Hong Kong border, ie Lok Ma Chau Control Point. After the immigration, they will get on the bus again to be driven to the China border control point (Huanggang).

Or, if you come from Huanggang, you have to carry your luggage off the bus at the Hong Kong border, and then board the bus again for Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Ticketing and Terminal: Wanchai Ferry Pier, Hong Kong; or 1/F Departure Hall, Huanggang Control Point, Shenzhen

Fee: HK$45 (0615-2344); HK$50 (2345-0614)

Enquiry: (852)25960782


From Wanchai Ferry Pier
0600-0900: every 20-60 mins
0900-1700: every 15-30 mins
1700-2000: every 10-12 mins
2000-0200: every 12-30 mins
0200-0600: every 30-60 mins
0700-1300: every 12-20 mins
1300-2300: every 8 mins
2300-0200: every 10-30 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins
0700-1300: every 20-30 mins
1300-2200: every 10-20 mins
2200-0200: every 12-30 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins

From Huanggang
0600-0900: every 12-30 mins
0900-0200: every 15-20 mins
0200-0600: every 30-60 mins
0700-0200: every 10-20 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins
0700-0200: every 10-15 mins
0200-0700: every 20-60 mins

HK-Shenzhen Transport Transport

Transport from Lowu to Hong Kong Airport

If you need to travel from Lowu to Hong Kong International Airport, here’s the easiest way – take the airport bus from Sheung Shui train station on the East Rail Line.

After going through the Hong Kong immigration, you will find yourself at the Hong Kong Lowu train station. Board the train, and get off at the first stop – Sheung Shui station.

Take exit B2, to get to the Sheung Shui Bus Terminus, where you will find A43 airport bus. It takes about 1 hour to get to the Hong Kong International Airport, with a bus fare of HK$29.2. The bus is every 15-30 minutes.

For details of the bus route, please go to this bus company website to key in the bus route number for checking. Note that the first part of the schedule is for transport to the Airport from Luen Wo Hui (in Fanling, which is about 2-3 stops to Sheung Shui station), and the second part of the schedule is for transport from the Airport.